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Blood Got Into HCG, Storage Okay?


Just a general question and I know KS man is very good at these things.
Every month I mix my HCG with bac water and store in vial in fridge, due to life adjustments and staying away from home 3 days a week at my partners, I fill a 1ml syringe with enough HCG to do me while away so works out 0.2ml which equates to 500IU, I take 250IU EOD.

I took my shot on Friday evening of 0.1ml however a tiny bit of blood got in the syringe at the end which has slightly mixed with the rest of the HCG.

My question, will this affect the potency if a tiny bit of blood has mixed with the solution in the syringe?

I remove the needle and place secure cap on syringe and place in fridge until the next shot on Sunday.

I know that its not good to preload a syringe for two different shots, ideally it should be two syringes and will do this going forward, however just wondering if I have messed up my HCG remaining for my Sunday shot which I took last night?

I know people mix HCG with Test and so on but I also know it is very sensitive and easily damaged too.

Thanks in advance

Don’t preload HCG more than the injection. You would be better preloading multiple syringe and lets be honest, they’re super cheap. Just skip your next HCG shots and reload for future uses. HCG is a non critical drug and skipping is no big deal.

Yea I hear you, that’s what im going to do in future.

Though im wondering is it harmful that I have injected a shot of HCG which has some blood mixed in with it? I cant imagine it being good for you and if the blood would affect the potency of the HCG in the syringe?

You already injected it? Probably nothing will happen. It has a small amount of BA in it for sterility. No potency effect from a small amount. I wouldn’t continue this practice though.

Yea so I filled a 1ml Syringe with 0.2ml of HCG as I was away for the weekend, 01.ml took on Friday evening and 0.1ml taken last night, after shot on Friday a small bit of blood entered the syringe and mixed with the HCG solution, so I just removed needle and placed cap on and in fridge and injected remainder last night.

So what you are saying is the small amount of blood shouldn’t affect the potency of the HCG in the syringe?

Absolutely going forward I will change practice and just fill individual syringes.