Blood Glucose Test

Hi, new poster here. I’ve been training for strength for a few months and gained some decent size on my frame. Some of it fat, some of it muscle, but still pleased with the results. I started with Starting Strength, then moved on to the Texas method and now I’m doing Jim Wendlers 5-3-1 program.

I’m 5’10 164lbs but I don’t know my bodyfat %, it looks like it’s between 12 and 14% (I started at a very low 130lbs 10%), I will get it tested soon. I’d like to start doing small competitions in weightlifting and powerlifting in my region. At 5’10, I think I need to gain more muscle mass and try to reduce my fat % a bit. My long term goal would be around 90kgs.

Anyways, I’ve started getting interested in nutrition lately and read John Berardi’s articles. I had to get some blood tests done today so I fasted for 12 hours. I bought a glucometer, some strips and a glucose solution from the pharmacist. When I came back home and reread the article, I noticed two things: Berardi recommends a 75g glucose solution and at least 24 hours without exercise. Yesterday was my deadlift day (at 6pm) and the solution was a 50g one.

I still did the test just for curiosity’s sake and am wondering if these results are in any interesting. I’ll redo the test soon, but my main interest was in seeing whether I had excellent insulin sensitivity or not. If I don’t at 50g, I’m guessing I don’t at 75g. That way, I can start off on a 30-40-30 diet and go from there.

So here are the results for an hour:
Fasted: 77mg/dl
15 minutes: 149.4ml/dl (this is higher than what Berardi indicates is excellent for a 75g test)
30 minutes: 129ml/dl
60 minutes: 97.2ml/dl

The values at 15 and 30 minutes I would guess aren’t very indicative. My max is higher than an excellent rating for a 75g. The interesting results however are my fasted (which are close to excellent), my peak at 15 minutes and my return to normal in 60-90 minutes. These are all excellent in Berardi’s table.

Now my question is, how much of an effect did the exercise have on the results? How much of an effect did taking 50g vs 75g have, was it in terms of glucose concentration in blood, or was the return to normal time also affected? Did I just completely waste my time?

My conclusion here is that I can eat somewhat more carbs than average, but that I should stick with a 30-40-30 ratio for now.

Sorry for the poor english (I’m french).