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Blood Glucose Profile-after ingesting PW drink- JMB?

Couple questions for John Berardi or anyone with knowledge on this subject. I recently purchased a Diabetic’s blood glucose monitoring gizmo. I believe if used right it will help my bodybuilding results but I’m a bit confused.
My stats on day 15 of FF are 158 @ 8% BF, med build, Ht. 5’9". Started @ 169.5 @ 10.5% BF. I assume my glucose tolerance is good because I don’t gain fat easily.
My glucose reading 4 hrs after a solid meal is around 85 mg/dl., 15 min. after PW shake it is 123, 30 min. is 127, 60 min. is 110, 90 min. is 69, and 120 is back to 85. I use 40-70g. malto. and dex. 30g. whey hydro and 10g. of BCAA. I’ve tested this after several shakes w/between 40-70g. carbs and the readings are almost identical. Do more carbs create a better insulin response? Does a higher glucose reading mean a higher insulin response or just the opposite? Also you recommended doing a glucose tolerance test. I asked a pharmacist how many grams of dextrose (glucose)to use, but he was clueless. Thanks for your cutting edge articles and help on the forum with ignorant people like me, it makes makes more difference than you’ll ever know.

Thanks for the complements. I love doing this stuff so as long as it stays fun, Ill keep doing it. As far as you questions, glucose readings dont tell you anything about insulin. In fact I have some data from my lab with surge where subjects dont even get increases in blood glucose during a 2 hour period with ingestion 75g of carbs and 25g hydrolysates. The insulin response is so high and the carbs shoot right into the muscle so quickly that there is no glucose rise. So again, there is no way to infer insulin from glucose. Your glucose tolerance looks good though. Keep up the good work with the diet.

Thanks again Mr. Berardi! -LW