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Blood Glucose on a CKD


I've been following a CKD based pretty closely on Bodyopus and I've been getting into ketosis pretty easily within the first 48 hours or so of my low carb cycle. I'm just curious if any of you know anything about blood glucose levels after ketosis is established. Over that first 48 hours my glucose dips to about 60mg/dl but then by thursday it's back up to a normal range, around 100 but I'm still losing weight, still getting trace ketones in the urine, etc.

Just wondering if this is normal, I've only ever relied on ketostix in the past but got a free (with rebate) glucometer and couldn't pass up on it.


Probably increased hepatic gluconeogenesis and glycogenolysis via a prolonged reduced Insulin:Glucagon ratio


So essentially it's normal, when my glucose drops it triggers ketosis and I stay in that state but after a day or so in a ketogenic state my body uses gluconeogenisis and glycogenolysis to convert protein/fat into blood glucose? If I'm understanding the processes correctly it's just a normal part of CKD and I should just keep on keepin on?


Yes exactly. Same thing happens to me but my blood glucose usually tops out at about 80.