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Blood Glucose Levels Safe for First HGH Cycle?

I have been weightliftng/powerlifting for around 12 years now and using steroids for about a year and a half. Im 26 years old 5’7 212lbs. about 15% bodyfat (bulking right now).ive develooped some injuries here and there over the years and i was interested in doing a 5 month cycle of hgh @3-4 IU’s a day to help heal up burn a little bodyfat etc. etc. My concern is that ive read that taking hgh will give you elevated blood glucose levels so i purchased an at home bg monitor and have been testing my blood glucose throughout the day to get a base reading. Typically at any time throughout the day my bg will read anywhere between 72-83 (normal range) but i have noticed that when i take my bg first thing upon waking it has been between 101-107 (slightly elevated) my question is will it be safe to do the cycle of hgh or will it push my bg levels too high? also i am not diabetic and the hgh i will be using is grey top chineese (i know not the best but the best i can get) dosed at 3-4 IU’s per day, 1.5-2 IU’s upon waking and 1.5-2 IU’s pre workout. Thanks in advance.

Increases in glucose levels with HG are a startup problem and that normalizes after a while. Certainly not a concern for HRT dosing. There probably is no data to be found for high dose GH. So you can report your numbers.

Because levels move a lot with meals, you need to do testing before you eat or do pre/post training shakes.

HG levels rise to assimilate proteins in your blood that peak well after a meal. This is a feeding response. You can inject GH at times when you have more amino acids available to drive them into muscle tissue.