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Blood Flow Restriction Training


I had a buddy who did this for a bit and then stopped because he didnt really get any sort of benefits from it. Just gave him a gnarly crazy sick pump in the moment, but thats it.


Like I mented in the past he does put out good info at times then at times he drops the bloody ball.


you’re the gift that keeps on giving


I feel weird. OP is mostly a beginner, but his bench and OHP are the same as mine. Am I too, a beginner? Lol Oh, the doubt!!! Lol


Fuck no, it’s not.
Those numbers are good/ok for generic population or the most average gym goers of a commercial gym, they could see you as an intermediate level lifter (regardless of shitty technique or huge grinds you pull to finish the reps).
And it’s good for your age for sure, but there’s something I’d like to point out about age - I remember very clearly that at your age, while I didn’t lift weights, I could beat the crap out of my joints playing sports without consequences, at least, short term.
Flash forward a decade, and I’d blow everything off if I did the same shit the same way.
So you can either be the smart kid who recognizes you have years of progress in front of you, chill out and enjoy making slower but sure and steady progress
you can be the stereotypical moron teenager who thinks to know stuff at 15, stalls hard/gets hurt, drops off and blames his lack of progress on [insert random external cause].