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Blood Flow Restriction Training


Depends on how much they bench and when they plateaued on it from linear training…image

Tag, your it.




Do 5/3/1. Come back in 6 months


do you mean this?

Looked at your log,your not plateaued because of your current level, Its your programming…

would you like to know my bench like you asked @Waittz ?


When he asked me how much I benched , I thought that was the most 15 year old thing I ever saw. Then I saw this video. Pretty sure I tore my rotator cuff just watching it.

This is my last attempt OP. Go buy 5/3/1. Read it. Then buy Never Let Go by Dan John. Read it. Stop googling other things.

To answer your question so you don’t think I’m just being a dick. What’s my bench? More than yours and with correct form. I went from barely lifting the bar to 315 at 170 lbs with slow linear progression. Then I tore my pec twice. Because I was young and dumb and didn’t listen to others with more experience. You are young and dumb, but one of those things are in your control right now.

Peace out thread.


I started training, I guess you could say when I was 10. So on and off for many different goals and reasons 36 years. A friend of mine was a team doc. for one multiple gold medal track team, one NFL team and personal physician for Many pro athletes of several sports.

You know what I learned? Training is boring. None of even the greatest athletes of their discipline do any of this monkeyed up shit. They do the same boring crap that everybody else does. They’re just way better at their sport.


But but if everyone thought that way how am I going to sell my ultra deluxe new and improved man beast program? Designed too make someone so awesome in 90 days that they will have rockets shooting out their ass! :innocent:


:sweat_smile: Ahahaha


How did I miss that? Seriously @T3hPwnisher most underrated comment of the year. Thats-Gold-Jerry-Gold-Kenny-Bania-Seinfeld-Quote


Thank you for this. I needed a laugh this morning.


@dt79 and @Waittz I’m honestly upset with myself that I didn’t say he was a “die hard” fan instead. It woulda been a better punchline, but I guess I choked.

Also, anyone else getting flashbacks of the “bear mode” threads?


Came for autoerotic asphyxiation jokes. Not disappointed.


Affect vs effect. Affect describes an influence. Effect describes a result. That will honestly be a more worthwhile lifelong lesson compared to learning about BFR.

Do you want to be an above-average lifter in his 60s? Because listening to more experienced guys will get you there.

You’re wrong, because it is not. And you forgot to mention the part where your box squat is within 50 pounds of your bench.

Between these and his preference for box squats, I’m thinking there’s some serious ROM-phobia. Geez.

@erik_sutterlin, what’s with the wrist wraps? Someone your age should have zero joint problems. If you do, address them with proper training, not Band-Aids. Also, can you explain the benefits of wearing a lifting belt while benching?

Last thing, I highly suggest you e-mail Mods@T-Nation.com so we can change your username. It’s such a dumb idea for kids to be using their real name on Internet forums. I mean, it’s your mistake to make, but changing it ASAP is a very good idea. (Same goes for your IG, Youtube, and whatever other social you have).


Blood flow to brain restriction training is the best type of training. Fasten a rope to neck and tie as tight as possible. Gives me the best Embolic stroke pumps ever.


I think you’re getting overly worked up over getting basic and effective advice such as staying consistent. I’ll give you credit that you’re strong, but you should accept constructive criticism and be open to changing things to get stronger, and more importantly, don’t sweat the small stuff.

Between all these topics you post about blood flow restriction training, weighted stretching, and your definition of an intermediate lifter, it sounds like you’re getting your information from AlphaDestiny. I like him too, but the guys in this thread are a lot stronger and I would argue more knowledgeable.

But to answer your question, I bought some occlusion bands for cheap on Amazon and have done some Blood Flow Restriction training. I basically did a super set of reverse grip axle curls and reverse grip tricep pulldowns for 3x10-12 with short rest periods. I don’t think it made as much of a difference if I went heavier without the occlusion.


Buddy, in this clip of yours below you have the build of someone who stepped in the gym like 11 days ago/ Basically a bog standard 15yo.

You need to build a foundation and hammer the basics. You definitely don’t need ‘Bulgarian Methods’ , Conjugate training, doing 1RM lifts with bands,using straps for deadlifts etc etc

Run through proven programs off this site: This is great for your level and gets consistent results…

This great advice also.


@Chris_Colucci the young man is emulating someone else.

Im guessing the young man is wanting his name out there to garnish attention.



@erik_sutterlin Good job on this one, but did you fart?


@Waittz yep defiantly a question a young 15 year old kid would ask. Probably won’t take advice from someone unless they come close to out benching his idol. Oh I was serious about him asking me about my bench. I have a video I made for Shits and giggles awhile ago. Wanted to see what is reaction would be seeing some over the hill guy (probably older than his own father maybe) toying with weight for reps that his idol hasn’t done for a official single :smiling_imp: call it a reality check


His idol’s bench is like 320 in Bench Only. I still like the dude and don’t wish to discredit him, but there’s a lot of other people to get good information from.