Blood Flow Restriction Training

I am looking for a new way to train and blood flow restriction training looks cool. I don’t know the effects of it. If you have trained in this way share your opinion on it. I want to try it on my legs but I don’t know what kind of training will give me the best results.

You are 15. Eat to grow, and train to progress. Forget about novel training methods.

Jesus man. Just stop.

There is no magic way of lifting, there is no secret method, there is no ‘insert fancy science word’ that will be better than just fucking repeatedly resisting gravity and consuming excess calories for a long time.

Stop looking for short cuts. Stop looking for the best way etc. You are not going to find a Magic way to make your traps look huge on a body that is small.

I’d even advise you to stop internetting for a while, and stop going on forums. You do not need more information. Go read something like 5/3/1, tell your parents to buy you lots of food and lift man. This is frustrating to watch.

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I heard David Carradine was a big fan of this approach.


Im just trying to learn more about it. If it looks interesting then there is no problem with implementing this into my training. Believe me Ive heard the same “eat,train, and stay consistent” shit every where, do you really think that I don’t know that. what is the problem with learning something new. If you “stay consistent” too long you’re going to plateau. Next time answer the question. I’m like everyone else, I plateau and I fix my training accordingly. You really think I don’t need to learn about training. What I learn today is going to be with me for the rest of my life.

Was is more for strength or hypertrophy?



Stop with the victim shit. You don’t want to learn otherwise you would be listening to the advice people give you.

You have to understand that you do not need to learn this stuff. Master the basics. You have not mastered the basics. How can a 15 year old plateau? Like I cannot understand that unless you are not doing to basics right. You should be able to make sustainable progress for a while man. Your 15 and barley past noob Gains. Why? Because instead of focusing on the basics and progression you are focusing on blood flow restriction and weighted stretching while rejecting advice from people who can help you.

I want to learn as much as I can because It will effect me in the future. I never want to stop getting better at what I love and what you say isn’t going to stop me from educating myself and learning from others. I don’t want to be an average lifter in my 20s one day that does a 5 day split and hasn’t progressed much in the past years. I want to be the strongest and most educated person at the gym that can help anyone with a problem that is related to getting stronger and bigger. You might get annoyed but the magical part of the internet is that you can turn off your computer at any time if you get offended.

Shit I get it now lol



You are asking how a 15 year old can plateau, ask yourself how an intermediate can plateau. And the answer is from improper training and dieting, which can be prevented if I was informed about what I may have been doing wrong in the first place. Ive past the linear gains on the bench and OHP but I have a little left for the squat and dead.

A man cannot learn that what he already thinks he knows.

Right now you think you know enough about the basics. I do not believe that is true. You also think you are at a point to where learning advance things will help you. Again wrong. Learning about this will not make you bigger. End of story. Applying knowledge from the basics will.

Highly doubtful.

You are not an intermediate lifter. If you take that as an insult and not a statement, this is the problem and my entire argument.


And I’ll bite. How can an intermediate platueu? By focusing on weighted stretching, blood flow restricting training and spending more time googling shit than lifting heavy with a solid program that builds in progression.

This person also probably spends lots of money on supplements, argues on Internet forums and thinks everyone bigger than them is a genetic freak or on roids. That’s how intermediate lifers plateau. Not because they didn’t curl with a turnacate around their bicep.

Im out before I blow a gasket, another vet please tag in.


When ever I look back at my training I thought that I didn’t know shit. But i learned about what I was doing wrong and I fixed it. I know in a few months i will learn even more about what I could have done to get better results or how I could have been injury free if I happen I get hurt by guess what, learning more about how to train better and safer. If I never went out of my way to educate myself on what I love to do, then I would still be catbacking my deads, bouncing by bench press, and half squatting.

So you think a 225 bench at 175 body weight and a 140 OHP isn’t intermediate, I think is is or at least pretty damn close

what is your bench and when did you plateau on it from linear training

How much experience would you like the Vet to have?

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