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Blood Flow Restriction Training


Just curious who has tried BFR training and if they found it that much more beneficial. I would imagine it would create a pretty good pump? It stats occlusion training can increase muscle size and strength using training loads as light as 20% of a 1 rep max, who wouldn't want to jump on that bandwagon?


Tried it a bit for leg training during a week or two off with a quadratus lumborum (lower back) strain: step-ups, leg extension/curl supersets, even tried occluded hill walking. Coming back to squats without any strength loss, so it seems quite good. I also use it on upper body accessory work occasionally if I feel like I need the break from heavy weight.
My goal is strength (powerlifting) and I don't do much assistance, but my arms look a bit bigger since doing occluded curls once or twice a week.

I know John Meadows uses it (have a look in his forum/section) and I'd imagine it would be great for bodybuilding alongside normal heavy lifts. A major benefit is the lack of soreness afterwards.


Warning: Be prepared for one hell of a burn. I've just started it recently so i cant judge results yet. When I do it for arms, it might just be mental, but i feel muscle stays semi pumped into the next day.