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Blood Flow Occlusion Training Simulation?

CT, I remember reading a program of yours where you implemented a technique to simulate BFRT. Do you recall the program or technique?
Thank you.

Really? Maybe one program years ago because I don’t remember writing about it. And I only used it once with a bodybuilding client

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I know it was you but it was just a brief mention, not an entire program.
Thank you just the same.

This sounds like it was his 5-5-10 method where you do 5 upper-half reps, 5 lower-half reps then 10 full ROM reps. Caveat is that you must keep the muscles tensed hard the entire time.

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You beat me to it. I just found it. I was associating it with Growth Factor Training. Thank you.

Right, I thought you meant using cuffs to occlude blood flow

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Sorry I was unclear. Trying to be concise. :confused: