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Blood Drops After Z-Pinning


i was Z-pinning in my left shoulder, aspirated (enough so i though), did the injection. however after pulling the pin out i got about 4-5 large drops of blood from injection hole. that normally doesnt happen.

anything i should be concerned with? also how hard do you guys pull back on the plunger when aspirating?


You probably nicked a blood vessel on the way out or through. No worries.

When aspirating most will pull back enough to see a bubble form in the syringe. No blood and bubble = all clear.


You don’t need to bother with Z-pinning anyway if injecting with reasonable slowness.

Doctors and nurses are too impatient to allow proper time for injections and want the job to take the absolute fewest seconds possible. So they push the oil in rather like a racing team doing a refuel. Naturally under those conditions oil may leak out with just doing the injection straight.


Good because im lefthanded and not coordinated enough with my right hand to pin in my shoulder, aspirate, plunge, and retract all while maintaining the Z pull of the skin! lol

thanks for the quick responses. i wasnt sure if i needed to see a doc or something. hey if you told a doctor (in the usa) that you used AAS is that privilidged info or can he call the police on you?


No he cannot call the police on you unless you are endangering the lives of others or yourself. Whether or not his records could hurt your insurance record is another story.

You may have some bad injects along the way. Last week I had a quad shot that shot blood 2 inches out of my leg when I pulled out. It was pretty gnarly.