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Blood drive post

Here’s another one.

Taken today sept 19th 2003 at ~10:30am.

I would like to try out that new mag-10.


BTW, iron count (or whatever that number is) was at 47. Does that mean anything to you medically inclined peeps?

You’re #4! Congrats!

The new MAG-10 and a T-Nation shirt are on the way!

Those are some neat jean shorts.


That there is actually my typical daily gear to wear. Teva sandals, jean shorts and t shirt. Jean shorts are now getting a tad tight in the thighs, but still have another few inches to go.

Noooooo!!! You’re a few inches too late…ditch em and run!!!


Nice job.

Nice quads (what was I going so say, “nice blood”?).

Heh, well I was going to say, “niiiiice buh-looood…”