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Blood Draw This Friday

My doctor is a moron, like most TRT doctors, and think my T should be 500-700 even tho I have every symptom there is until I reach 1000. My last blood test came in at 1280 and I felt really good physically and mentally. The doctor complained saying t was too much and tried to Ignore the clinical component to medication. I eventually told him I will buy my cypionate and hCG from the UK and he said he would write me the script so I would not do that.

That was three months ago and this Friday I have another blood test. I plan to go six days with no injections or T booster pills in hopes my count appear to be lower and I do not have to hear the doctor complain.

My question is; what else can I do to ensure my T counts low from this blood test so I do not have to have another agruement with the doctor?

FYI… I cannot change doctors (I am sure some of you guys are thinking this) cuz of the sexual abuse I suffered from my doctor thru my whole childhood. This doctor has agreed not to touch me or come too close thus the reason I see him.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.


Damn, I’m really sorry to hear about your childhood.

Just to keep it in mind, there are phone only TRT clinics. A lot of them. No in person visits necessary.

That said. You can also pay out of pocket for labs as well. You can get on a dose that you feel well on, then drop your dose for a week and see where your blood levels are at before getting your official blood tests for your doc. That way you can get in a range he is happy with.

Ideally you would find a new doc, since what I described above is illegal and I don’t recommend it since you have to mess with your dose every time the doc asks for labs.

What are T booster pills? Snake oil? And why take em?

They are an herbal alternative that may help increase T or free T. They take a while before you feel anything. I usually use T-Bomb, which is supposed to increase just your free T. In my body, I feel more calm when I take them (maybe a placebo). My wife says I am more patient when I take them. Snake oil… I dunno. No one has proven it works nor that it does not work.

I have used that strategy. My doc (Mayo) is extremely conservative. It worked fine. My doc told me they talked about hormones for an afternoon back when he went to med school.

Looked it up. It’s snake oil. Zinc might help if you are low T due to zinc deficiency. Otherwise, the other ingredients are pretty much garbage. You can check them all on examine.com for their efficacy.

Looks like I will stop the zinc that I take, asap. I was told no sleep, alcohol and eating poorly will also reduce my counts before my blood is drawn. Is that a true statement?

Correct. That would pretty much minimize T. However, I actually don’t know if that only applies to someone that is natty. If you’re taking injections, that may not apply.

Yup, thus my questions to this forum since I just do not know.

From what I’ve been told you really need to get like zero sleep the night before for it to be effective. It’s worth a shot if you need to get your numbers down but even a few hours of sleep will give your body time to start increasing T again

Regarding the supplements to boost T, and with the possible exception of zinc, they will do nothing for you while you are on TRT. They are designed to encourage your body (brain) to produce more GnRH, which in turn, tells the pituitary to produce more LH/FSH, which in turn, tells the testicles to produce more T/sperm cells. Once you go on TRT, that cascade of hormones is interrupted and GnRH and LH/FSH go down to zero. Nothing a supplement can do to over come that feedback inhibition. Bottom line is save your money and stop them completely and permenantly.

Zinc may have some beneficial affects throughout the body, and it thought to be mildly effective at reducing conversion of T to E2, but that is even questionable. I think in general, a zinc supplement in reasonable amounts is good as long as it’s balanced with copper at a ratio of about 25:1 (i.e., 100mg zinc + 2 mg copper). The two minerals interact in the body and you need to maintain balance.

Regarding doctors, agree with prior comments that given your circumstances, that a telemedicine doctor that specializes in TRT is your best bet, but that will probably cost you more.

Finally, if you still want to go down this road of manipulating hormones prior to you PCP’s lab work (heck many of us do), here is a link that may help you to calculate the amount of your injection in the visit prior to the lab work. It uses the theoretical half-life of the hormone to project how much T is being released per day from the ester. If you make some assumptions and past experience with labs, you may be able to figure out a dose that will get you in the ballpark without making it look overtly like you’ve stacked the labs (and raise suspicion with the doc): steroidplotter .com

Thanks for the link.

I checked it out and I like it but I was hoping, based on half life, if I put in my count after X days, what would my counts be after X+3. Eg., After 3-days I am at 1280, so what would I be at after 6-days. Do you know if there is a calculator that does this function?


It doesn’t work that way. It may help you play with doses to help you narrow in the dose, but you’ll need to play with it and make a bunch of assumptions.

I usually drop my dose down to about 0.17 mL (34 mg) 3 days out from my scheduled labs for my annual check up. This usually puts me in the 700-800 TT range, which is what she likes to see.

Dollars to doughnuts that only applies to natural production (of which you probably have none). I’m struggling to think of any biological process that would pull exogenous T down due to lack of sleep yet be able to recover…

Blood work results in. After six days without any cypionate, hCG or Clomid and alcohol before the test along with only 4hrs of sleep; my TT came in at 837 (exactly where my dumb doctor wants it to be but way toooo low for me). Now I can go back on my normal routine to get it well over 1000 again so I feel better.

Thanks for all of the advise, guys.