Blood Donations - West Coast Division, Heavyweight Class

2nd try, with a hopefully properly sized pic.

By my count, I am #6. I blame the flagrant use of time zones for this.

But since I was going to be donating anyway, I figure maybe I can still score a sample pouch of Grow! or something.

Besides, this is likely the only relaxing moment I will get today.

Reclining in an undersized, rickety chair. A needle in my arm, happily bleeding away. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…

Nice tri.

Ha ha.

Is it that cold in oregon today, or cant you wear shorts to wherever you were going?

Seeing PChap’s post and his excuse inspire me to come correct.

I saw Chris’s initial post about being one of the first five to give blood, and within minutes I was in my car headed to the local Red Cross.

Nearly there, I noticed something falling out of a speeding UPS truck that’d just hit a pothole in the road.

I pulled over, and I’ll be damned if it wasn’t a case of the new “Red Kat” with the name and address of a local GNC.

Not even tempted to keep the thing, or even open it for that matter, I decided honesty was a far higher road to take than my own selfish pursuits.

So I headed off to the GNC and delivered it, receiving a Body-for-LIFE bookmark as a token of the manager’s appreciation.

When I arrived at the Red Cross, it was closed for the day. Damn.

This morning I woke up to the terrible news that the local Red Cross had burned down, and a suspect is being held for investigation of arson.

Come to find out, this dude just “happens” to be a close friend of the above mentioned “PChap”!


So anyway, in light of this unfortunate turn of events, can you please smiling sincerely send me a bottle of Mag-10, Chris?

You have my favorite forum name now that Cupcake has changed his.

It IS that cold in Oregon today.

And man, the site of all this blood on the forum today…

Oops, meant “sight” and not “site”.

Useless Polemical Chap:

Damn, number six!

You get a T-Nation shirt anyway!

I’ll contact you via PM.

Jesus, this dude is big. Look at his tricep. Chris should have demanded you donate twice.

The blood pressure cuff makes it look more impressive than it actually is.

I tried to get them to let me give more than a measly pint, but they have their rules. The fact that I lose more than that when I cut myself shaving didn’t seem to sway them much.