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Blood Donations, Now Low Ferritin

48 year old male. On HCG and Testosterone for TRT. Hematocrit levels were getting too high. Did 2 blood donations in 30 days. Went from Hematocrit 58 down to 47.5 and Hemaglobin now 15.9. Also, Ferritin dropped to 18 (range is 21 to 274). Been told to start taking Ferrous Fumarate Iron 29 mg plus Vitamin C to get Ferritin levels up. Next blood donation in 40 days

Wont this raise my Hematocrit levels too? Does this sound right?

You need to find a balance and went too far. Yes these things are related to HTC.

When you have Hematocrit at 47.5 but low Ferritin, what is the typical solution to this. Taking Iron is just going to raise my Hematocrit and Hemaglobin back up isnt it?

Aren’t blood donations limited to once every 6 weeks? Two in thirty days is definitely overdoing it.

Blood donations are limited to 52 days typically but a physician can order a therapeutic phlebotomy based on need (for example Hemaglobin of 19)