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Blood Donation + Supps


I am currently using Alpha Male & Rez-v.

I am suppose to donate blood today, will being on these supplements be any problem to my donation?



Don't give blood. Problem solved.


I'm curious about this too. I guess a broader question for me, are there any supplements that would make blood donation people not want to take your blood?


Nope, there should be no problem at all. Those supplements don't do anything that would disqualify you or interfere with giving blood. And thanks for donating. Good on 'ya.

I'd only expect stimulants to cause any issues, since they generally take your blood pressure and resting heart rate immediately prior to donation. I usually lay off coffee and Spike drinks for a few days (I'm a fairly regular user) when I know I have a donation coming up.

I also usually end up skipping/rescheduling my workout if it falls on the same day as a donation. In part because I don't want to deal with extra fatigue, especially without the usual pre-workout Spike Double Shot, and because it's just bothersome lifting with that dopey purple (or lime green, or sky blue) Ace bandage around my elbow.


Not allowed is:

Any pain relieving medications
Any Dental work week beforehand
If you have been anesthetized in the last 3-6 months
Slept with anyone who has Aids/ Any Stds.
Don't know if this is applicable to the States but they don't allow homosexuals to donate, if they have shared Semen.

Also they are dumping the Blood Pressure test as they have had so many dis qualifications over people just stressed from job/family etc etc that they have had to dump it.

Though again if it's applicable to the States i'm not 100%.

And DO donate blood ! My god Mmllcc god forbid the day you or someone you know needs a blood transfusion after an accident, you will be SO glad someone donated.

And anyway if you really don't want to give blood, give platelets they are just as valuable and your blood goes back into you :slight_smile: