Blood Donating and Hematocrit Test

I changed insurance and doctors and had a blood draw for hematocrit. I was taking 2.5 ml a week TRT and was just over 52 for hematocrit. I was told my level has to be below 50 or I won’t be represcribed testosterone. The doctor reduced my dosage to 1 mg per week which I know makes me feel lethargic and an insufficient level of dosing for me. After reading forums here it was suggested get a blood donation done and that will drop hematocrit levels. Does anybody know how long after a blood donation will hematocrit rise back to the previous levels and get a new blood test done before I get to that point?

Dosing is all wrong, I inject .40 ml from a 100mg vial twice weekly or 40mg twice weekly totaling 80mg weekly. Nobody takes 1mg weekly.

2.5 ml seems like a ton of testosterone no matter what mg the vial.

Please always describe dosing in mg and iu etc.
We do not know if your T is 100mg/ml, 200mg/ml, 220mg/ml etc.

Do not be dehydrated for labs as that thickens blood. For fasting lab work please drink water as needed.

Please post you protocol in detail. Labs in list format with ranges.
Do not skip if “normal” we need to see it as many “normals” high important details.

You might be getting too much iron. Vitamins should be iron fee men’s formulas. Avoid iron fortified foods, read the labels: flour, rice, breads, pasta. And any things like ibuprohpen with a brown coating are covered in iron oxide.

Labs should be:
PSA if >40
prolactin if <=35 - one time only
if body temps are low:
fT4 [not T3, T4]

Response/recovery after blood donation is highly age/health/vitality driven.