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Blood Disease

I’ll ask on this forum, b/c I’m a little confused on what forum to ask. I am more than certain I asked before but my C.R.S. has bitten me in the ass again.

I have an adult child who only produce his white blood cells and platelets around 40 to 80 thousand depending on whether he is sick or not. Another baseline on him is he gets sick everytime he intorduced into a new environmet i.e. Work (burns the candle at both ends).

Everytime I ask about whether or not the Doctors should look at his T levels. I get looked at funny. But, nanodrolone is used to fight such diseases as aplastic anemia and does a good job, right?

I know he is down two cell lines. I know his bone marrow is producing for his body. I know when he had a blood trans (3 bags) he felt great. I know the Dr’s don’t want to keep giving him trans’s. I know his hemogloben flux’s.

The question is am barking up the wrong tree on the steroid end? I am looking for answers and haven’t found any in six years. Btw, the doctors don’t know what he has other than a bastard verison of a whole lot ipo… shit. Meaning no one knows.

I am just looking for information and thank you for helping to point me towards other information.