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Blonde next door

Hey guys I need your help.
I’m a smoker but trying to quit as I know it’s fucking up my gains.
The problem is that at work every time I go out for a cigarette break there’s a gorgeous blonde who comes out at the same time and stands opposite us, she works in the building next door. I’ve never actually spokent to her, but she always looks over. This morning I plucked up the courage to say Good morning to her, and she smiled. This has totally demotivated in giving up smoking. What do I do???

What’s more important? Your health or a chick you don’t even know?

She smokes man! That’s gross. Just think, in a few more years, her smoking will cause her to not look so attractive. It starts on the inside and works its way out. So maybe you should start a conversation about quiting smoking. Maybe the two of you can quit together.

God damn, that is one of the most retarded reasons to keep smoking that I have ever fucking heard. I pity you.

We die sooner or later. So, get the girl and smoke a cig after the sex.

How about a show of hands for all those who want to suck face with an ashtray.

Once you quit smoking, she won’t look so hot. She’ll also smell bad.

Tell her what you just told us, and then offer to quit together

That’s easy… keep smoking! You need an excuse to see her on breaks, so keep it up until ou get her…Then you can quit together!!!

I’m not sure continueing to damage your health is worth maybe meeting some woman. You can probably talk to her without smoking, right? And after you quit you’ll realize how AWEFUL she smells.

Firstly I know I’ll never pull her, this girl is way out of my league.
Secondly to all of who say that I’ll realise how bad she smells once I quit smoking, I’ve loved the way smokers smell ever since I was a kid, way before I started smoking. I know this sounds sick but I actually like kissing a woman with smokey breath, it’s a real turn on

I think it’s awful snooty to exclaim they just because you don’t like the way a smoker smells that everybody else should holds the same opinion. If you don’t like smokers, then don’t date them if somebody else doesn’t care, don’t tell them to care. It’s not your fucking problem.

Dude, nobody's out of your league, give her a shot if she's not biting she will tell you so, but at least you tried...

Mark if you feel she is out of you league, then you have already set yourself up for defeat. Pat’s right, go for her, remember a lot of hot chicks don’t get asked out for that same reason. At worst she’ll say no.

Self improvement is masturbation, now self destruction…fuck that girl with your funky bunch there Marky Mark!!!

That has got to be one of the lamest excuses to keep smoking.

He asked for peoples opinions and he is getting them. How is giving ones opinion when asked snooty?

Man, you’re not going to be able to quit unless you’re ready to, same with the girl. Once you quit, like I did, you will feel totally self-confident and energized, you will never feel better in your life. I am still a social smoker, however, but not too much. Maybe one or two smokes on the weekends, no big deal

What has smoking and meeting a real babe got to do with one another. Give up the smoking for all the reasons you already know and go ask the babe out. You’ll be able to last longer when you get the goods. Of course if you never go out with her it won’t matter. Go for it, hell all she can do is say no. There are more where she comes from, but their is only one you ,so give up the smokes and replace them with tits.