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Blogs Quiet

Blogs all seem awfully quite today…Wondering how to interpret that in light of this quote from TC’s log yesterday:

“Tim starts the meeting by saying, ‘I read that two out of every ten office workers masturbate at work. What I want to know is, who, besides me, is wasting valuable company time?’”

Is anyone writing today or are all 4 of them ‘wasting valuable company time’ today…

Good call Banker, was wondering about that myself. Perhaps not along the same lines, but wondering nonetheless.

I’d hate to be the cleaning staff in the Biotest office today. I think we all know there wasn’t much work done today…well, productive work any way!

Yeah, where’s TC? Surely he hasn’t gone without coffee for the last two days.

I’ve had my hands full.

TC, the question is what were your hands full of or do we really want to know?

Hmmm…still pretty quiet…I’m guessing they must all be two handed typers…

well now we know the secret ingredient in Grow!

Maybe they are in the midst of hiring some new voluptious executive assistants. I’m sure that would keep them poking at things other than their keyboards for a while…