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Blogs. Any Recommendations?


Anyone here reads blogs?

I currently am an avid follower of Nate Green and Chris Shugart. I enjoy their writing styles and the topics they write about. Not necessarily ALWAYS about fitness, more so how to enjoy what life gives us, in the words of Nate Green "becoming your own hero". Sadly they have lives to live so some posts comes in later than the last. So when that happens, i sometimes run out of reading material. Anyone got any reccomendations to good blogs?


This is a good one for some old time bodybuilding/strength culture



Nice blog there. Cool old school stuff on that one.



If you are a male I highly recommend reading Roissy @ http://roissy.wordpress.com/


I write some for this one...Therefore it is the best and you should read it



You could also check out Thoughts.com. It's not about fitness. People post whatever comes to mind.


Times puts out a pretty good list every year: http://www.time.com/time/specials/packages/completelist/0,29569,1999770,00.html I just looked at the 2010 list right now. Zenhabits is pretty awesome to go check out every once. The 2009 list was pretty good too. I checked out a lot of those.



For accountants.


I just went through a couple of the blogs, good stuff.

haha @ the "for accountants".

Almost all of the authors here have blog-like websites, any of you T-Nation'ers like Alpha also write?


I have a friend who maintains a drink blog (alcohol stuff):


I don't drink myself, but I've impressed girls who do drink with my "knowdledge" gained from this blog :slight_smile:


Eric Cressey
Tony Gentilcore
Alwyn Cosgrove
Bill Hartman
Mike Robertson










What topics are you looking for?


Dan John's
Tim Ferris's

Anthony Robbins training

The logs at elitefts: Matt Kroc, Matt Rhodes, Wendler. Dave Tate's often has some very intresting buisness perspectives.


Funny news blog, Australian one. Google: Tim Blair Daily Telegraph. He used to have a blog www.timblair.net

A lot of Americans commented on his old blog and some still do on the new one, though it's not quite the same party it was. Still funny well-expressed news stories and often interesting commentary. If you're a liberal/lefty type you might not enjoy it. You'll learn many of the mysteries of Australian sports too :wink:

Also a great blog is that of a guy called Iowahawk. It's American - some sterling satire there. You'll have to Google that too.

Israellycool.com is a blog by an Australian guy (Aussie Dave) who now lives in Israel - lots of realpolitik and live-blogging during the mnay crises besetting that tiny nation. Man's a lawyer so don't piss him off! :wink:

I also visit blogs according to the topic I'm googling - I have found some wonderful blogs this way, so perhaps you can try that too.