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Bloggers.... Anybody?

Yah i’ve always wanted to know about what kinds of things other t-men think about day to day, web logs are great for me to put something down and look back over my life and laugh about the time i was having or whatever … so im gonna post my site for my web log , feel free to do the same T-Men



What does “blog” mean, first of all?

China, take the words “Web Log” and repeat them ten times very, very fast. If you do, you’ll eventually go from precisely articulating “Web Log” to less articulately mumbling “…blog.”

Did the ten times fast thing…will never forget what “blog” means now!
Thank you!!

I have one of those cubicle jobs where I only do about 20-hours of work per 40-hour workweek. The rest of the time I screw around on the internet… here at Testosterone or blogging or wherever doing whatever. My primary blog is http://thebookofshenry.blogspot.com. I have a photoblog at http://shenry.buzznet.com. I also contribute to a community blog, http://www.theblackandwhite.org/twiligh. And, I have a creative writing page at http://www.blurty.com/users/shenry. It’s enough to make me look busy at work.

I have a weblog myself (I absolutely hate the term ‘blog’, personally. . . it sounds like a bodily function (and a a smelly one at that)) at LiveJournal[0], and I enjoy it. I rarely post workout/exercise related posts, though I’ve started doing it slightly more often.

One of the things I particularly like about LiveJournal is that you can create communities, which multiple people can then post to and view. I even created a T-Nation community[1], though I don’t know of any other LJers that are also T-Mag readers.

In the spirit of the original poster, my journal is viewable[2], too. If there’s any other LJers out there, or anyone who chooses to join LJ (it’s free!), feel free to check out and/or join the T-Nation community. :wink:

[0] http://www.livejournal.com
[1] http://www.livejournal.com/community/t_nation/
[2] http://topher.livejournal.com

xanga.com is coo.



Greatest Blog outside of T-Nation is that of Zach Braff, from SCRUBS and Garden State. This is some funny shit…