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Blocky Ab Development

well everyones favorite subject, some say high frequency some say low, high reps v lower reps, every day or not. i understand a lot of what you’ve written about altering between periods of extremely high frequency then onto low. now my question is if you go back to the beginning when you first saw and built the what id call great abs you have today.

I’m currently cutting in an attempt to see my abs for the first time and feel that even though I’m at a lowish percentage my abs don’t seem great at all. obviously some is fat and that will come off, but I’m wondering how would you go about it to ensure complete and blocky ab development.
thanks ct

Actually, I’d be interested in your thoughts on if one can significantly improve the size of their abs. I’ve been training them for the last year (after neglecting them for fear of a bulky midsection) and I honestly dont see much in the way of improvement. From a structural stand point they are likely stronger, but no real hypertrophy or development is noticeable after a full year of training.

This is on top of doing the big basic lifts as well, so its not like they arent receiving a stimulus (Indigo Programs for quite some time, for example)

CT has been traveling, but I’m sure he’ll be on soon. Until then, here’s one of his eye-opening ab training articles from the archives: http://www.t-nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/abs_on_trial

Yeah, abdominal hypertrophy comes no different then bicep or leg hypertrophy. Train them with weights in a manner that facilitates functionality in the entire core. Things like swiss ball crunches with weights, ab rollouts and etc. Don’t cling to the perpetuated idea that your abs, or any muscle for that matter can be sculpted or shaped. You either train your abs heavy to BUILD them off the base god or nature has given you, or you do 50 rep crunches and wonder why you don’t have thick abs.