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Blocking Anabolics from Passing the Blood/Brain Barrier


Chemists, biologists, medical professionals (or just smart people…people way smarter than me): I have a question.

Is there any chemical means a steroid manufacturer could modify the anabolic steroid molecule to be accepted by the androgen receptor but be REJECTED by the blood/brain barrier? This is perhaps the most inane, ignorant, and ridiculous question asked…I realize that. But there must be some molecule size or some chemical structure that can fit the androgen receptor but is too big to pass the barrier. I have always wondered about this.

Perhaps the biggest concern for most people using anabolics is the full or partial HPTA shutdown issue (not ignoring other side effects, just focusing on this one). If one can block the substance from even crossing the BB barrier, the hypothalamus won’t even be able to detect the levels in the system no? Or am I misunderstanding this?

The answer is most likely no…there is no way to do this. But I gotta ask.


Just to clarify, I’m focusing the question on standard anabolics like test, deca, tren, etc…and not SARMS. Maybe I just answered my own question: SARM researchers are focusing on just that. But, I’m not sure…thus my ask.