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Blocking a kick in balls

hope everyone is fine…i wanted to ask what is the proper way to block a kick in the nuts…blocking by hands is out of question as one gets out of position to strike back…same is the problem with closing ur legs also it takes more time if u r in a fighting stance to close them togather…the only way i can think is by blocking it by ur shins…but there a real chance of hurting ur tibia or even cracking it as the tibialis anterior is a thin muscle and one can misjudge easily and inturn crack his tibia…so what is the proper way…i will be very pleased to hear a good reply.thanks

step forward, simple.

I foy are getting kicked in the balls it helps to wear pants that are 20 sizes too big. Then when they person goes to kick you just spread your legs wide and squat and there will be an impenetrable force field of denim. Or wear a jock at all times.

Oh yah…do you get kicked in the balls alot?


I just practice getting kicked in the Junk. Slowly I build up an immunity to it. I recommend 5 sets of 5 Reps three times a week. Just come home at night and say “Bitch, where’s my Dinner” that aught to start it off.

In any fight you have three options: The first is to jam the kick, by stepping in.The second is to block the kick by raising arm or leg. The third way is to back up out of range.

Any other questions?

that’s kinda like asking how to block a kick in the ass. chances are that you won’t see it coming, or you won’t react fast enough.

For someone to kick you in the nutz, you’d have to be standing “square” in other words facing your opponent dead on. Thats a no-no (at least from a boxing stand point.)

“but there a real chance of hurting ur tibia or even cracking it as the tibialis anterior is a thin muscle and one can misjudge easily and inturn crack his tibia.”

Apparently you haven’t seen many muay thai or K-1 matches.

To block a kick to the nuts you K.I.S.S (keep it simple stupid). As frontfacelock says if you’re standing square you are open to a kick in the nuts. All you have to do (and you mentioned it yourself though wrongly discarded it) is to go with the automatic reaction and that is flick your hips away from the kick and turn on the ball of your front foot so that your knee comes to meet your other knee. Just like throwing a lead left hook (which incidentally would be a good counter). That IMO is the fastest most effective way.

DO NOT STEP FORWARD!! All that will accomplish is to get hit with a shin to the balls as opposed to a foot.

Castration. Works every time.

You could also try not pissing anyone off to the point that they would want to kick you in the balls. Just a thought.

When I’m playing sports or in any situation where it seems like my goods may be in danger of being struck, I always instinctively to the side and raise my leg (as if I’m kneeing someone to my side).

This makes you get kicked in the butt instead.

i would advise first checking your stance cause it is more difficult to get kicked from a proper stance. than you got the three options zeb listed above as well

Frontfacelock and creed got it right. If your standing square to the person, you give too much of a target (once again, boxing/kickboxing standpoint) so turn yourself when in a fight to present a smaller target (no just balls wise, but smaller target throughout the torso as well.

Then, twist. Kick to the balls is taken in a less sensitive spot. The only difference to this is if the guy is throwing a straight kick, in which case stepping back/to the side works as well.

“Kick to the balls is taken in a less sensitive spot.” less sensitive spot wtf? i don’t know about you but even the slightest graze is painfull sometimes worse than a full frontal assalt. but then you also have those guys who pay women in stilletos(sp) to stomp on their balls. i saw that on shock video or something she was literaly jumpiing up and down, grinding her heels into his nutz.

unless you’re a bouncer or a prison guard or test athletic supporters for a living i wouldn’t spend too much time thinking about how to dodge a kick in the junk.

Left or right windmill to either side of the oncoming tibia will knock it away and stimulate a couple nerves to induce enough pain for the opponent to lose tension therefor decreasing effectivness even if still struck. Doing anything is better than freezing and doing nothing.


i prefer to stomp on childrens testicles!

Trinity watch out. This guy is getting prepared for you!