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Block Training

I recently purchased CT’s Black Book, and was very pleased with the info provided. What really caught my attention was the blocks of training. CT goes into block training a little bit, but not too much in depth, leaving me a little anxious for more. I was wondering how many of you incorporate block training, and how you utilized it. In his book, week 1 was like 3x5, week 2, 3x5, 3x4. Would it be ok to start with 5x5, and progress to 6x5, and so on? He also talked about devoting 75% to a general goal, while the remaining percent to maintain, or even improve. How would one go about that? Anyone who has any knowledge on block training, please feel free to give your 2 cents. Is there anywhere else I can learn about block training? Thanks!


That’s all periodization is…block training. (But mainly blocks for a loooong term plan) A coach will usually spend a block w/ one specific emphasis. A power block may look like this: 50 % devoted to power 25 % devoted to strength, 25% devoted to hypertrophy. (If done in the same workout = conjugate periodization.) Then for a the next ~ 4 week period, you may have a “Strength” block w/ the percentages of S, P, and H changed to meet the goal.

So plan your training w/ “blocks” in mind. Write out your current block and have a general plan for the blocks to come. I say general b/c you never know exactly how you are gonna progress, (u might get sick/hurt, u might improve at a faster rate than u thought, etc. etc.) so it probably wouldn’t make sense to right out the reps/sets/RI for each and every excersise for 4-5-6… blocks down the line.