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Block Pull vs Rack Pull


Maybe it has been discussed before, but is there any real difference between the aforementioned lifts? It would seem to me that the block pull would better replicate the "feel" of a pull from the floor since, as with both, it's the plates that are in contact with a surface. Do you guys think that the block pull has better carryover to the deadlift?


This might open a can of worms with some people. But I agree with you, I find the block pull replicates the feel of a pull from the floor, better. I prefer it to a rack pull.


I hate rack pulls. They are terrible.


I prefer pulling off boxes because I'm able to replicate a sumo pull where I can't really in a rack.

However, to me the real difference is pulling off a rack is metal to metal contact whereas pulling off boxes is metal to wood and the bar is more 'live' than metal on metal. When you pull from the floor it's typically rubber mats or some type of wood surface, never metal.


Rack pulls are ego lifts, look good on YouTube, and do jack shit for your deadlift. Ive pulled 855 and just missed 900 off of pin 5, and miss EVERY deadlift AT THE TOP.



I would think block pulls would extend the lift of your bar compared to rack pulls.


I prefer the block pulls because for a multiple rep set, the bar bounces all over the place if you contact the pins unevenly at all. Very distracting. Or even if you set it down on the pins even to dead stop it, you have to wait for all the vibration to settle down. Like Pegg, I've never noticed much carryover out of either and always miss with the bar above the knees.


Got it.

Moral: Rack pulls suck.



Yesterday someone at my gym was doing these as their main lift but the ROM was really short, like 3 inches and way above knee obviously. They spent about as much time on these as I do for regular DLs including doing all the warm-up sets, etc. If I wanted to work on my grip with static holds I would have probably used the same ROM they were using. They even had straps so you couldn't call it a grip workout. The worst part is his GF was doing the exact same thing on the rack next to him, hate seeing bad training knowledge get passed around like that.


I've come to the same conclusion. Beats you up because of the amount of weight necessary and no one ever uses the same form as their deadlift.

I'd rather just deadlift.