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Block Periodization?

Hi coach, Just UNLIKE you i do really like to know in advance what I am going to do. I do really like your principles and also got great results from them.
I am an intermediate natural bodybuilder and I am looking for long term progress.
I do really like the idea of block periodization where you do work on a specific quality at a time.
I was asking how this would apply to a bodybuilder, and I though that might look like:
-a mesocycle or two working on functional hypertrophy;
-about a mesocycle working on non functional hypertrophy, adopting accumulation methods;
-about a mesocycle working on strenght (not on 1rms, obviously), so an intensification phase (let’s Say 1-6 contrast training which still builds SOME hypertrophy even though It Is primarily a strenght method)

I know that you do like, for physique athletes, to program many specialization phases for the different muscle groups through the year. But i don’t think I am advanced enough to really reap the benefits from such a periodization model.
I’m after hypertrophy and getting really big.

Or would you Say that It Is best to stick to a program that still implies some form of (often times linear) periodization? It comes to mind to me HST from Haycock, or 531, Matt kroc’s (where you see kind of Linear periodization in 3 weeks waves as well but with higher reps) or many of your routines which still adopt some kind of linear periodization?
Thanks in advance coach!