Block for Strength (Progression)

Hi ,

I was wondering if anyone could help me out with a few confusions regarding Accumulation and Intensification block.

Firstly, I have seen examples
Accumulation Block
week 1 4x5 with buffer 12%/example 100Kg Bench with 5RM–(4sets x5 reps with 88Kg= 100-12%)

week 2 5x5 @buffer 8%

week 3 5x5 @ buffer 4%

week 4 deload (first three day nothing training and 4th-5th day news 5Rm(test)…or is better nothing deload in Accumulation but more weigth with 5x5 for Overreaching?

Intensification_block (Progression:increasing load with constant volume)
week 1 3x3@ buffer 10%
week 2 3x3 @ buffer 6
week 3 3x3@ buffer 3%
week 4 deload and Test 3RM ///with first three day nothing training and 4th-5th day news 5Rm(test)with Squat,Bench and Deadlift)

I’m too dumb to understand… It almost hurts when I read…

Help me understand what you mean by “buffer”. Could you say that 1x5 with 0% buffer would equal a true 5RM aka 100%?
Just like 10% buffer would be 90% of your 5RM?

Personally I wouldn’t necessarily test your max strength every four week. You don’t need that to see progression.
As for deloading, it depends on why you are doing it. Is it for an athlete that trains 3-4 times in the gym + 3-4 times on the field per week? If the person is training with high volumes all week then yes every 4 week is good for a deload like that. If it’s for Joe Average then it depends but maybe he could get away with less deload like once every 6-8 week, IF he’s training with any kind of intensity of course.

Is it for your training, for a school paper in exercise science or what? Also where did you pick-up the methodology of using blocks? A book or from a course?

OP, where did you get this from? link?

Looks pretty solid.

As for the over reaching or 5rm, I’d 4th and 5th day re test 5rm though to be able to get your percentages right BUT, do a full cycle of each and see which is best for you. If you don’t re test your max you’ll have to increase the weight by an set amount each time. 2.5 or 5kg etc. Testing maxes once every 4 weeks is very normal for this type of dual theory.

Maybe chuck these types of questions in the strength forum next time too. More strength nerds over there :)))