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Bloc Party: Music

Anybody listen to this band? I just got some of their stuff at Itunes and was impressed. They look a bit emo but I dig.

im assuming they arent that big in america yet…

there a great band… pretty huge over here.

flux is great http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AulHrdaBGEU&feature=user

helicopter was there first single i think… fires me up for some reason!

great use of effects on this… i think their sound is very cutting edge!

if your a fan of bloc party… get your ears around the pigeon detectives…

these songs are GREAT on a night out!

new single

my fav song or theres…
you nkow you want to chant WHAT THE FUCK ARE WE DOING HERE!!!

I do, they’re quite big over here.

This is one of my favourites:

British music hasn’t really been penetrating the market here as much in the last few decades I guess. It’s weird considering how much influence Brit-pop has had here overall.

The last biggest modern British band here is probably still Radiohead.

Thanks for the links fellas.

I do enjoy Bloc Party. I’ve only heard Silent Alarm and its remix album, though. It’s too bad there hasn’t been as many internationally known bands like this as of late… at least ones that don’t suck.

One of my Army buddies is a huge Bloc Party fan. I wasn’t impressed with them at first, but they have been growing on me.

They are not well know in the states, but they had Helicopter on the last Guitar Hero, so maybe people will hear that song and be curious enough to look into some of the other stuff.


I think Bloc Party are awesome.

Hunting for witches is one of my favorite songs at the moment

Big fan. Like Dustin said, they grew on me over time.

Favorite tracks…

Like Eating Glass
Blue Light
Song for CLay
Hunting for Witches
Waiting for the 7.18
The Prayer

Mmmmm all so good.