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Bloating with Carbs


So I've decided to round out my diet by carb cycling. Im transitioning from a 3 year AD period, changed after re-enlightening myself with Berardi's ideas, and now Im using Rousells Carb cycling for idiots. So basically this sucks Im eating my starches according to when I train but I get so damn gassy and they smell sofa-king bad! Now I've started implementing yogurt in hopes the enzymes can kick some ass but not really noticing anything. Before anyone gets on their high horse and says add more fiber or water I'll say this...even on my no carb days I get 30 g fiber and on my high i get 50-60. And I drink a gallon mix of green, black, and white tea daily plus water at night once I run out of tea. So yea...wtf.


what is your training like in terms of the split and rep ranges?

no need for specifics or w/e, just a general idea

I've found this to be REALLY relevant for carb cycling approaches, especially CKD


Seriously, All joking aside...read up on the Atkins OWL Carb reintroduction ladder.
Follow it as close as possible, It'll minimize the discomfort and/or fat gain