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Bloating On Anavar


I'm currently on a cycle of Oxanabol. I'm taking 40mg twice a day and I'm really happy with the results I'm getting except that my stomach seems almost distended. I don't think it's water retention as I getting kinda vascular and hard everywhere else.

Any ideas?




A full stomach feeling is pretty common on var at that dose if I remember correctly. I had that kinda feeling on drol, which also makes you pretty vascular at a lower dose. What type of var is it?


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Thanks for the reassurance WideGuy. It's British Dragon Oxanabol (Anavar) that I'm using. Never tried Anavar before so I was slightly freaked out by the beachball look of my midriff:-D


Like Bushido said, you'll notice it goes away/you look your best after discontinuing it's use for about a week. Btw let me know how you would compare it's body comp effects to winny (if you have run winny). I'm going to be asking this as much as possible, being that I'm heavily considering using it in place of winny from now on. For many obvious reasons.


looking to start my first cycle and feeling a bit overwhelmed. I've got tons of questions in regards to what type, how offen and when to stack/or not?
any info would be great. Merry Christmas


I wanted to run the Anavar on its own, purely to gauge it's benefits in isolation. I've noticed that Var really, really suppresses my appetite. I'm living on protein shakes and fruit at the moment, I'm just not interested in food at all, so I can see why so many guys use Var to cut up.

I started at 30mg twice a day and cycled up, peaking at the moment at 60mg twice a day. I'm going to slowly cycle this back down over the next few weeks. I've had no side effects apart from the bloating and my liver test at the doctor's last week was actually better than it was at the start of the cycle four weeks ago (didn't expect that at all with Var being an oral).

I've ran Winny before, but I'm really impressed with the Anavar. I've had excellent strength gains and the pump is fantastic. I think that Winny and Var together would be fantastic combo. With this in mind my next full cycle is going to be a Winny/Test/Var stack. If my liver test at the end of this cycle is still excellent then I may start the new cycle sooner rather than later.


Borrenson said he thought is was better mg for mg than Anadrol.


The only problem I see with Var is the cost. It's the most expensive oral around as far as I can see.


I bought the same thing but i am a bit worried about its authenticity.Did u got the original bag because mine have the hologram and the British Dragon logo printed in gray on the reverse side but it aint have the silica gel dessicant packets inside.

In british dragons website its writen that
all bags have the silica gel thing inside.

I am on 30mg/day 20mg in the morning and 10mg in the evening.3rd day now hehe.


Yeah mine were legit, with the silica gel inside.


I sent you a link to an informational page that has pictures of both real as well as fake British Dragon products.