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Bloating Before Meet

Hey, everybody. I have a meet this Saturday and I’m competing at 198, but I’m 6 pounds under at 192, right now. I’m looking to try and throw a few lbs. on before the meet so I can come in as close to 198 as possible. Any suggestions as to how approach bloating before the meet?


There’s a bunch of articles on EFS about this.

being a total newbie, the only experience I have with this is after absolutely stuffing myself at a chinese buffet. My eyes turned into slits and I had a pretty awesome (and sweaty) day of PR breaking.

Good luck at your meet man!

Hope you lift well at your meet. I wouldn’t try to bloat before the meet. Stay comfortable at the weight you’ve been training at. It isn’t necessary for you to be 198 lbs and you may place better at the meet due to being lighter; because if you equal another lifter in total and you are less weight you win. Being bloated is uncomfortable and most likely will not add an ounce to your total.

Bloat is awesome, my last meet i got a damn good bloat goin, and beat my best gym lift by damn near 40 lbs on my squat.

my money is PB&J with bacon.

oreos and milk dude

Just read the article on bloating at EFS and it’s about what I thought bloating is supposed to be. If you’re over the weight for the class you want to compete in you cut weight by leaching the water and subsequent minerals and vitamins out of your body. This is cutting. Then you rehydrate and replenish the water, minerals, and vitamins you’ve lost by bloating, which involves rapid rehydration drinks and salted foods, etc.

Check this out: http://articles.elitefts.com/nutrition/bulk-cut-bloat-the-basic-science-of-weight-manipulation-and-powerlifting/

on the two days before the meet…cook 2 lbs of ground beef each day, and mix that with 3-4 packets of uncle ben’s ready rice. i recommend mixing the four cheese and santa fe rice flavors. eat that throughout the day on both days. i put taco seasoning in the beef also. lots of carbs, lots of protein, and a shitton of salt. it’s delicious too and goes down easy. my recommendation.

Go all out. get yourself two giant bags of salt and vinegar chips, and a pizza. eat it all. salt it, possibly. it helps if you’ve been sodium and carb depleted before hand, but the key is to cram as much of that down your gourd as possible, way past the point of comfort. do it right, and you’ll get a nice eyelid bloat. Then you’ve arrived in PR town.