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Bloating and High BP

Hey guys, I decided to give HCG one more try over the weekend, and it did nothing positive.

Today I woke up looking like I’m holding an extra 10lbs in water weight. Slight headache, pressure behind my eyes, and whole body just feeling high pressure. Finger tips keep feeling like they’re gonna pop. Drank like 100oz+ of water while at work, and peed maybe twice. Red in the face and can’t get my ring off either.

Tried my BP monitor, and got a 130/70ish - high for me.

Considering TRT is really the only big change in my life lately, and ideas? Libido has been down a bit the past few days as well.

So, either use some AI or stop with the HCG already. It’s like you want to hurt yourself sometimes man.

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Nah just had a really positive experience on HCG at the start, and wanted to see if it’d come back. Over it now though.

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Just try and not change anything for a while. You aren’t at stable levels yet, be patient.

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Yea you’re right.

Bloating and high blood pressure for me ended up being low potassium.

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Surprised HCG does not typically raise BP. Tons of studies on huge doses of HCG and not one notes high blood pressure.

Did this happen after a single shot?

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After a few. Wondering if it’s high E2? Not sure.