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Bloating After Injections, T Dose Too High?


You’ll be good in my opinion likely until your 2nd injection this upcoming week. At that point I’d reintroduce at the reduced AI dose.


@Hostile @systemlord so I have backed off to .25mg of T-Cyp E3D, and I have not been taking any Anastrazole. I actually am feeling good again…no breast tenderness, better energy, not so angry I guess is how I would explain the mood, just clearer and more focused. Is it common if I adjusted my T-Cyp down that I may need anastrazole at all?


You need to give it 6 weeks for everything to stabilize.


It’s possible if your body fat isn’t high, have a healthy gut and liver, that no AI may be needed with mid to high within range T levels. I believe that’s what everyone should be aiming for to reduce medications, side effects and a balancing act if possible. Give it a month and get your e2 male sensitive array checked. Glad to hear you’re feeling better.


ok been awhile… @Hostile @systemlord I have been doing .25mg of T-Cyp E3D, and nothing else, no AI. My latest blood test was 647 Testosterone and 26 Estradiol. Do you guys think I am ok to keep not taking the Anastrazole???


Levels are good, however if you still have symptoms you may need to start an EOD protocol do to low SHBG.

How do you feel?


You have no business taking anastrazole with that e2 level. Ever.


@alphagunner kind of what I thought…I feel my side effects are more due to the Anastrazole.


It’s not so much the side effects of anastrozole, it’s the side effects of low estrogen caused by taking too much anastrozole. Some guys over-respond to it and need a fraction of a dosage. If you’re super sensitive to it, you can dissolve it in vodka and dose it that way.


My concern is my low SHGB numbers I just don’t want to get high estrogen effects. Sometime I think it is hard to distinguish between high and low estrogen. With the AI I was getting some aching joints, little cranky, some bloating, and was emotional watching shows, etc.

Seems like when I quite the A1 the aching went away, not as irritable, still some bloating, and emotions a little more in check. I know my SHBG numbers being low do you think the 647 T number is good or should it be a tad higher?


Your levels are too high, my numbers were very close to yours and I felt terrible. You need to target 450-500 and you may need a low dosage AI. I would get bloated 36 hours after my injection, being bloated is a sign estrogen is high.


Bloat meaning water weight or gas?


I feel like it is gas and I do have some water weight too.


@systemlord OK…so I have been doing .25mg of T-Cyp should I back it down to .20mg and the AI, should I be doing a once a week dose of .25 which is a quarter of my 1mg pill, which is a bear to break that small. Just looking for some guidance.


High E2 symptoms are unmistakable. Itchy nipples, is the best one for me though. There is no question if its high or not, if my nipples itch, its too high.

Some of the other ones, not so much. Like bloating and or Emo.

I was having emo issues before, and I went and got my e2 checked and it was really low. So that one is out the window for me as far as a tell.

You don’t need an Ai. Stopp messing with e2.


Itchy nipples how long does it last? I get it itch nipples but for less than 1 day.


transient I wouldn’t be so worried about. Fluctuations happen. But still something to watch.

If I have it for more then a day or so in a row, I know something is up.


.25mg isn’t enough testosterone for an ant, you need to learn the describe it in mgs. I believe your mixing mgs together with volume. As it stands I still have no clue how much test you’re injecting. Every 3 days is wrong given your SHBG, you need to inject more often possibly 6-8mg everyday.


Am just putting this out there but done nights my ear gets annoying itchy when laying down to sleep. I gather it’s from the e2 maybe on its way down or up


I agree don’t need ai with that e2. Actually your total t , should look at free t btw, and e2 look great on paper But it’s it possible with the low shbg guys free e2 is a bit high? I wonder if us low shbg should measure free e2.

Cause maybe we need to be close to 20 e2.