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Bloated Stomach

I think this has been a thread on here before so I am sorry for the repetition. It seems that all the pro’s these days have really bloated stomach’s, but if you look at Arnold or Franco they could do the old vacuum pose with ease. Is it just a side effect of all the gear or are there exercises that should be added or removed from a workout to avoid looking like a muscular pot bellied pig? Thanks.

Its all the roids they are taking that is causing this.

It’s generally accepted that GH abuse is to blame. If used in large amounts for extended periods of time, Growth Hormone causes the internal organs to increase in size, resulting in a distended belly (“Growth Gut”).

'Roids and Growth Hormone. In Arnold 's (and Franco’s) day, they used steroids as a “finisher” - well, it’s what they’ve said. And I’m not sure if that statement is true, however, I just look at the difference between the physiques in that era and at the ones we have now. Huge difference. But blame the huge guts and thick waistlines on the women on the drugs.

I’ve read that growth hormone use can lead to the bloated stomach look, but I also think as the abs get stronger from deadlifting, for instance, they also get bigger and jut out more…

I think it’s just well developed abdominals.Just look at the size of these dudes.