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Bloated Face

everytime I eat starches, like yams and oats or use a hi gi protein shake postworkout, my face rounds out, but my body doesn’t hold any water. I dont use roids but I hate looking like a chipmunk. How can I stop this.

Try laying off the nuts

Sounds like an allergic reaction.

I notice that after I follow a low carb diet then switch to a high carb diet my face becomes a little rounder. The only thing I can think of to combat this is to slowly incease carbs over time so that your body has some time to adjust.

Its defenitely not nuts, I don’t eat that many nuts. I don’t think its an allergic reaction, its just I’m not that carb tolerant I guess. I like it when my face is square not puffy. Its not like a huge difference it just makes me look fatter than I really am.