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Bloated Face on Cycle


I always get a very chubby face/neck on cycle , even tho my body fat dosent go up, after i come of cycle it comes down a tiny bit after around 4-6 weeks but still stays quite bad after that.

my jaw has also got bigger ( like jay cutlers ) but i dont mind that.

ive tried doing alot of cardio , drinking a huge amount of water, tanning , taking antioxidiants , proviron and nolvadex but it only helps very slightley slightley.

even with 300 test and 500 eq a week its very bloated , however i look leaner and am happy with my strength gains.

what cycle is good for someone who is prone to getting a bloated face on cycle , or what measures can be taken to reduce it.


Is AI admin part of your cycle?


ive been taking 50mg of proviron and 20 mg nolvadex a day , ive never tried arimedex as the only place i can get it is very expensive


Then you need to find a new place. Adex isn't that hard to find, and it's relatively cheap. It'll make a huge difference.


If you live in the US, you can get research chemical letro and adex for about 50 bucks, if you buy letro that 50 bucks is several cycles worth.


If you live in the US, you can get research chemical letro and adex for about 50 bucks, if you buy letro that 50 bucks is several cycles worth.


I also find that eating low carb (thanks prisoner) helps a lot with bloating.

I am one person that puffs up like a balloon even with small amounts of aromatizing gear...my last cycle I ate low carb and ran an AI throughout and I was fine. One weekend out of that I went to a weekend long keg party and I looked like i gained 5 pounds in my face....took a few days of eating low carb for it to go away.


I agree with FG. The AI will help. However it is carbs that cause the bloating.


cheers for the advice

how much carbs would u say is a low amount per day ?

what one person may think is low may not be that low in someone else's opionon.

i will lower my carbs and c what happens , it sucks as trying to get a girl is near impossible when u look like your face is huge,

did u ever get in on the neck aswell?


how long will adex take to reduce the bloat

apart from lowering carbs and salt , what else cud help as i am seeing alot of family i havent seen in years soon at a wedding , and i dont want my face to be huge especially if photographs may be taken of me.


my neck usually gains about an inch to an inch and a half. not much you can do about that.

As for carbs I wouldn't worry about total grams, I just drop all refined sugars/starches...no pasta, rice, bread, etc unless it is right after working out as an occasional thing...limit your intake of high starch veggies like potatoes and your fruits throughout the day, again fine to have occasionally but best to limit. green veggies are fine to eat as much as you want but best to eat during the day.

A typical day of eating looked like this for me:

breakfast - 4 egg omlette, cheese, spinach, mushrooms, etc, handfull of strawberries, fish oil, multivit
snack - handfull almonds and low carb protein shake
Lunch - chicken salad with an oil and balsamic
Pre-workout - 10-15g BCAA and 5g creatine in water or low carb sport drink
Post Workout - protein shake (reg carb), 10g creatine, with some pineapple or berries blended in
Dinner - steak, broccoli, and asparagus
Late night - cottage cheese and fish oil


good advice , this was something i was worried about, cheers