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Bloated Belly... Tried Everything

Hello guys
I am posting here hoping someone could help…

I started lifting seriously in April '14 along with a good diet!
I am 1,74m 30years old and used to be 65kg with 16%fat when started
I was checking my stats everymonth…
The problem is that after the first two months that i did put some weight around 2 kilos my belly became so bloated like a 6 month pregnant…At first I thought it was fat but my diet was on spot and after the measurments my body fat was at 14% but my waist has been increased around 10cm!!!
My dietitian said that maybe there is a problem with my gut since i was eating around 3500calories in 6-7 meals while I used to eat 2-3 meals all day so I started probiotics with no result…I also removed dairy and other foods but with no luck…
2 years already and my belly is still there and looks so ugly if I don’t suck it in…My abs are big and trained(ofc I am not ripped with 16& fat and since I used to only bulk for those years)
The last six months I am doing some boxing without weightlifting, lots of cardio and aerobic but the belly remains…
Even when I wake up my belly is still out there and not only after a meal…
To let you know I don’t have any pain in my stomach or gut or with the digestion(I think) the only thing is that I feel full easily after a meal…As I said in my whole life my diet was crap…

So what do you guys think?
Some told me that maybe my organs inside have been stretched beacuse of so much food all of a sudden and this cannot be fixed…
I don’t know what to do…

Have a look at the elimination diet. Think John Berardi did a recent infographic if you look for it.

Post a picture.

Also what does your daily diet look like?

1st meal: 250ml milk with 50gr oats + 20gr of peanutbutter + 1 t/s honey + 1 banana
2nd meal:1 toast with one slice of cheese + 1slice of smoked turkey
3rd meal: 200gr rice + 120gr chicken or turkey or fish + salad
4th meal: 1 banana + protein shake (after workout)
5th meal: same as 3rd
6th meal: 4-5eggs +salad
7th meal: 2% yogurt

Also I find it hard to gain weight…

Cut out all wheat, egg and dairy products - that includes oats and no whey based shakes as well.

wheat eggs and dairy are all highly allergic foods.

So I’m pretty sure that’s not a thing.

How much do you weigh now? How many calories are you eating? I didn’t properly count them in your daily diet (did a rough estimate in my head), but given your starting weight of 65kg from a while ago, you might be in a surplus and haven’t been doing enough cardio to make a difference.

there are a LOT of potential allergens in your diet, like Raj said.

-Peanut butter
-Protein Powder

are all quite common allergens.

The Elimination Diet as already mentioned is the best way to take charge of your gut health. It’s not fun, but it’s really good.

Most probiotics are a MASSIVE waste of time…

Talk to a pharmacist or a gastroenterologist about this. It is medical food designed for folks with Crohn’s, IBS or leaky gut syndrome.


Not to oversimplify things, you need to be leaner if you don’t want a belly, I really don’t think you have a “problem.” You’re not 14% body fat, I’d GUESS closer to 20-22%. Get a good diet and stick with it, carb cycling, up your cardio, etc. if you want to get rid of the belly it’ll be determined by your nutrition.

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I’m confused. What do allergens have to do with having a gut?

dude’s definitely fatter than he thinks, but if there’s bloating and digestive issues then taking care of them’d be a good idea as well as dropping a few pounds

You’re asking the right question. I’m not an expert, but from what I’ve read, there is 0 evidence that allergens create a gut. What there is evidence for is that food intolerance (big difference) can create bloating, and the bloating can get pretty big, ala gut. However, if someone has serious, long-term bloating due to a consistent diet of a food that their body has an intolerance to, they almost certainly have stomach pains and other related symptoms. We’re talking about bloating from gas. So the idea that food intolerance creates a gut doesn’t explain most guts. It probably doesn’t explain the OP’s gut.

Elimination diets probably work because when you cycle through major food groups like grains or dairy, you’re probably just eating fewer calories. So people will spend years thinking they have a dairy intolerance that they don’t have (sad), when they could have eaten grains no problem and just cut calories. Or they might have a slight dairy intolerance (get a little gas), and then chalk up their big weight loss on the idea that their intolerance is huge.

OP hasn’t responded to me, but it seems like he is eating at maintenance or above, and he’s just doing cardio, which isn’t getting him where he wants to be.

First of all thank you all for the replies…
Well now I weight around 72 kilos and as long as I was lifting it is true that I didn’t do any cardio but only lifting…As I said when I started lifting I was eating above 3000cal everyday since I wanted seriously to put on some mass…The max weight I reached in those two years was 75 starting from 65 along with supplements…Since September I started boxing and the coach told me to stop weight lifting to be more flexible…Also the first monthw of lifting I was around 14% fat but still with the sudden belly…What I am saying is this…Before started lifting and eating I was 65 with 16% fat and no belly…After the first two months the belly was as it is now while the bodyfat dropped to 14%…Nowdays as mentioned maybe I am around 20% but the belly is the same as back then so thats why I cannot figure out what is going wrong

Forgot to mention that I have loose stools for at least ten years everyday dont know if this has to do also…I have tried medicines for that but with no results either…

First, when you say that you’ve tried medicines for that do you mean that you’ve seen a doctor and have been prescribed medicine, or that you have tried to self-treat it? You’ll want to talk to a doctor if you haven’t.

In any case, here’s where there seems to be a disconnect: You say that you had a belly like you do in the picture at 14% bodyfat. That means you weren’t 14% bodyfat. You were something higher than that, as evidenced by the fact that you had a belly. You might have had 14% bodyfat in your arms or some other part of your body, but you didn’t have 14% total bodyfat. Where did you get those numbers?

Most bodyfat measurement tools are highly inaccurate. It sounds like you trusted one that was giving you a very generous and totally false percentage. You might consider doing something like a DEXA scan. They’re incredibly insightful because they show you not only how much bodyfat you have, but where you carry it, and how much muscle-to-fat you have in different parts of your body.

this screams food intolerance.

Remove the allergens from your diet

I have the same issue and I have found success with eliminating wheat/oats ,dairy including eggs from the diet…

it will not happen overnight but it will correct the issue …

Oh jesus.

It’s usually stems from one of 3 things

  1. Food allergy / intolerance - It’s probably this.

  2. Not enough good gut bacteria - This is easy to add in. Get yourself some Raw apple cider vinegar into your diet (get the brand Bragg’s) and add in kimchi or sauerkraut. Make sure you’re buying your kimchi/sauerkraut from the refrigerated section. If it’s not, then you’re buying a pasteurized version where all the good bacteria has been killed.

  3. Parasites / bugs - Everyone has parasites living in them it’s a fact of life. There are herbs you can buy that will flush them out. I’d try this as a final measure if adding healthy bacteria and removing high allergy foods doesn’t yield results. The herbs will run you ~$50

You can youtube search “Parasite cleanse.” Pretty crazy to see some of the stuff that comes out of people after doing one. Some find living parasites in their feces

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Yep I’ve seen a doctor and gave me those meds along with probiotics that never helped…Asked me to do a gastroscopy and colonoscope but I have some doubts about those tests…
About the bodyfat…I was measured by a dietitian with a professional bodyfat caliper…Arms, biceps, triceps, stomach, sides, legs etc so as he said my total bodyfat was 14% unless he was lying to me…
Forgot to mention also that I have acne on the face even if I am 30 yaers old…

I was suspicious about milk, peanut butter, chesse,milk and protein powder which I stopped them for around 2 weeks without any difference in my belly or in my toilet…