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Bloated And Tired From Creatine Blend?

Happy New Year!

My last post of the year, is something I’ve been thinking about for some time. Earlier this year I used a creatine blend, which made me feel bloated and tired, even a bit exhausted while working out. I have not experienced this on the cheapest form of creatine monohydrate (or creapure). My guess is this is becuse of the additional binding of water. Reversible symtoms after discontinuing use, also reproduced again when starting over with the same blend.

Anyone experienced something similar? Which “version” of creatine is most likely causing this?

Whichever kind you were taking here lol. Monohydrate is the most common and studied form, micronized is the most Bioavailable. (not including IV). There is little data (much of which is conflicting) of other creatine forms working as well as micronized monohydrate, and I too found the cheapest version to be Creapure.

I see no reason to stay from this; it is the most studied and most effective.

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Just get this stuff:


Works great and supports the forum

Yeah just dont take that stuff/any supplement that doesnt agree with you

To answer your question …possibly “Magna power” -too much magnesium. Can make you feel shit and/ or encourage sleep


I tried a year ago. When Biotest US couldn’t help me out I mailed Biotest UK whether they shipped to Sweden or not? Never heard a word.

I’ve ordered from Biotest UK pre-brexit without issues (I’m also in Sweden)

Interesting! But, how will it work out now, since UK has left the EU? Will there be a gigantic customs fee (similar to ordering from the US)?

I’d presume as much so I’d order a lot per order.

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If biotest too hard to get , any creapure is fine. Krealkalyn is good stuff also if can find

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