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Bloated After Switching from Keto to Paleo

I’ve been following a CKD for some months but I decided to start paleo to see how it goes. It has been a few days and I feel bloated and full of gas.
I mostly eat red meat, eggs, almonds, olive oil, lots of fruits veggies and sweet potatoes.
Doesn’t happen in the evening (which is the time when I eat sweet potatoes), do you guys think it might be the fruits? I eat mostly bananas, apples and mangos.
Thanks in advance

you’re probably getting a lot more fibre than you previously were. This can lead to an adjustment period while your body gets used to it.

Almonds have a lot of fibers i would probably get rid of them and add some more animals like salmon and cod. What do you think?
I switched because I love fruits too much and like this I do not need a “carb up day”.
Maybe almonds + fruits is what is causing gas?

I personally find fruits bloat me way more than nuts. Probably something to do with the combination of sugar and fibre.

Honestly, I’d just stay the course for a while. Give your body time to adjust. Going from keto to a diet with carbs usually causes a little bloating; it’s nothing in particular to worry about.

If the symptoms persist for a while then you might need to consider eliminating certain common allergens (nuts, nightshades, dairy, etc) to see if the symptoms improve but you’ve gone through a fairly massive shift in terms of diet that your body needs to get used to.

As for adding salmon and cod - well, you should be making sure you hit a daily protein requirement anyway…


Yeah trying to hit 200g of protein daily.
Thanks a lot!

You are spot on Yogi.

Fruits typically contain plenty of fiber which alone will cause that bloated feeling. If you are not used to eating plenty of fruit cut back a bit and the bloated feeling will go away. You never want too much fiber as it can sometimes block the absorption of much needed vitamins and minerals.

Aside from that, as Yoigi suggests, there are certain conditions which preclude various people from eating a diet high in fruit. You may have a fructose intolerance or irritable bowel syndrome which can be triggered by consuming too much fiber.

I used to always eat at least 9 fruits and vegetables per day. Meaning it might be 7 fruits and 2 vegetables. Now I make sure that I eat at least 6 vegetables and no more than 3 fruits per day as I too was feeling bloated when I consumed that much fruit.

Hope the above helps you out,


drink a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in water with your meals.

One of the best all purpose natural bloating cures I’ve found

I agree with @Yogi1 on this, and would imagine the bloating feeling is more from the reintroduction of a more consistent flow of carbs, as well as fiber, and isn’t anything to worry about. Give it another week or two and you should even out nicely.

How did you transition? Do you know what your carb and fiber intake was on CKD, compared to your new paleo? Especially if you didn’t transition slowly and went from something like <30g carbs a day to 150g or more, or from 10-15g fiber to 40-50g fiber, there will most definitely be bloating involved. Fiber consumption should be changed slowly, adding significant amounts of fiber suddenly will certainly have a bloating and gassy effect, but again will even out eventually.

Keep water intake to help flush out any excess water and keep the fiber moving, maybe try a probiotic and some beano in the mornings to help with digestion.

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Your body always has to adjust to things. Try slowly over the course of a week switch to paleo, that way your body has time to adjust.