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Bloated After Carb Depletion


not sure what’s happening.
Prepping for a photoshoot right now, since monday I am carb depleting… last 3 days basically just eggs, chicken/tuna and cottage cheese with protein powder, 8-10 l of water.

On wednesday, I was getting soft and dry, my workout and energy sucked - as I expected.
But last two days, I am actually more bloated than usual and today in the gym, I had crazy pump and stamina - did full body, high rep - for 2 hrs - but also good muscle separation (1st time seeing striations on the whole shoulder).

Why ? Where does the bloat come from ? Where did the energy come from ?


probably the protein powder, youre also lacking fibre, among many other essential micronutrients. how much water are you drinking? what about supplements?


hm, could the whey be a problem ?

very true, not enough fiber for sure… was taking probiotics and bentonite clay (which I take anyway from time to time because of other health issues) so my stool was ok.
Didn’t want to eat any fiberous greens on the side, as they make me bloated - even though I was anyway at that time. Alpha men (multi-vit) - no other supps.

Here’s a small rundown:
On the last day of my depletion I wasn’t flat at all - I was stringy, but also had good strength and stamina in gym and very good pump. But bloated belly / abs.

I only had a single carb-up the day before the shoot and was aiming for around 600-700g with as little fat as possible. Later in the day I could feel getting fuller, but still bloated and kinda soft. Also the lower ab veins were gone… just a mess. Also, I kept my salt and water to minimum (which might have been a mistake after all)… I wasn’t pissing at all and woke up the show morning basically the same - just a little more full. So I ate more carbs. On the shoot itself, I was still kinda soft and watery.

Only after the shoot, I came home and drank a lot of water and ate around 200g carbs in 15 minutes and was starting to really fill out. Had an amazing workout, massive energy, hard dense muscle… towards the end of the session I started to finally lose the subcutaneous water… and about 1-2 hrs after the gym session, I was looking exactly how I wanted to look for the shoot - completely full, but stringy at the same time.