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Bloat/Gas Remedies?

I have a log in here (am on TRT) but I felt I should create a new topic on this particular issue. It appears that my belly bloat and gas is not due to e2. It is not do to water retention.

Am trying to narrow down which foods but it seems as though anything I eat creates my pregnant belly. If I dont eat my belly is fine.

So today I had some charcoal pills and they helped a lot. I am also reading about bentonite clay and Beano which contains a digestive enzyme. There’s also HCL with pepsin.

Any experiences or recommendation? This is my most frustrating condition and is driving me banana. I started to eat brussel sprouts (to keep my e2 in check) which I love but that messes up my belly too.

Edit. I take allopurinol for many years because I excrete to much uric acid in urine. Ive had uric acid kidney stone.

I’ve struggled with all manner of digestive issues in my time, and the only remedy I’ve ever found to work is just to remove the offending foods.

It can be a pain in the arse trying to work out what’s fucking with you, though. I had really good results from an elimination diet (Precision Nutrition do a really good write up). It’s not an easy thing to do but it was, quite literally, life changing for me.


yeah try a digestive enzyme, i personally take super enzymes by now foods which has HCL.

Great for travelling also -if i eat bad food/undercooked will still get a bit of the runs but feel totally fine, just passes through you while everyone else bent double!

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Thank you both for your reply.
Do you take the enzymes everyday before every meal?

I take them with any meal with stuff that might irritate/bloat stomach, when dining out at places with rich or exotic food, and cheat meals or big post workout feeds