BLM Donation Scandal

Definitely not surprised, but surprised it came unglued this fast. Everybody knew it was a scam because the money was never accounted for, now for the reckoning.

There is so much going on, it’s hard to keep up. I didn’t know if I should start the thread, but it’s a pretty big deal. BLM shutdown online fund raising as states threaten to impose heavy fines and penalties? And Blue States, nonetheless. Uh oh.
Another one bites the dust.

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BAHAHAHAHA… What a shocker.

Imagine supporting these unhinged grifting parasites. Self hatred is a helluva thing.


[quote=“pat, post:1, topic:276734, full:true”] I didn’t know if I should start the thread, but it’s a pretty big deal.

Goddamn your judgement is terrible. Out of all the threads you’ve started and keyboard diarrhea from your avatar, this is by far the most legitimate and worthwhile one.

I hope the investigation is fair, thorough and transparent, and I hope the consequences (if any are needed) are fair and brutal.

Ironically it’s the BLM organization that seems to screw over the BLM movement. Smh.

That BLM is under investigation for fraud? Not sure how this is my judgement…
But the hits keep on coming…

“Unfortunately, this appears to be an epic abuse of public trust in which an entire movement’s resources are being squandered on the whims and financial mismanagement of one person and their inner circle of friends and family,”

The leftist narrative is falling apart. We tried it your way and it doesn’t work. Everything is falling apart. Everything you proport to believe in, is falling apart in real time. And why do you support things that make people suffer, anyway? It’s strange to me, that to achieve this hand-holding utopia, we have to destroy millions of lives and “other” half the damn country in order to get where you think things ought to be.

I would like to cancel my free one year trial of marxist authoritarianism.

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This is closer to capitalism than Marxism.

I am glad they are finally being outed as the frauds they are… And by democrats no less… They had to piss some high ranking democrat badly for them to go after them.

Probably refused to share the millions. Subhuman scum


Oh that’s obvious. They’ve been called out from the beginning, by right minded people, about not being transparent as to what and where the money was going. Because they were just taking it. They had the support of the media and left wing politicians, who are in power right now, so they had no fear of investigation. That’s why I said that they had to piss off somebody in high places really bad to bring this heat on them. Because this was the case from the beginning.
Remember that Patricia Cullers lady, who bought 3 or 4 houses in “white neighborhoods”? We all know where she got the money, but nobody with power in that corner of the world, cared.
So I really do wonder who they pissed off and how they pissed them off. They pissed them off so much that they had to stop taking donations, pending an investigation by Washington, California and a couple of other states. They pissed in someone’s cheerios for sure. Because if they just continued to play ball, they would have been fine.

I disagree. I think in 2020 it was politically beneficial to support BLM no matter the cost, because it stoked the fire of “right-wingers are racist white supremacists”. Now, when the left’s agenda is on the ropes and voters are vocally opposing most far left agenda items, BLM has ceased to be useful for political gain. They must be done away with at this point, and I think they are doing so by delegitamizing their founders, but not their narrative (because blue could never be allowed to agree with the red).

Hoping I didn’t make a word salad out of this; I’m only 1/2 cup of coffee deep at the moment.

Well, first I am going to say, I really don’t know why they started going after BLM now. BLM was corrupt from the beginning and never made any bones about it. And I think the left is too stupid to abandon their narrative. That does not mean I think they are weak, mind you. I have always said, “Never underestimate the power of stupidity.” However, I don’t think the collective left is trying to pivot. But I don’t know, maybe you are right. But if you are right and this is a pivot, why has the MSM media squashed this story?
I am going to stick with my theory for now, malleable to future facts, of course.

Because now, the lefts’ poll numbers are tanking and they realised the people who voted them into office agree with BLM’s narrative but they don’t agree with their actions. The lefty politicians need to seem more reasonable to their voter pool because their last ~2-4 unreasonable years. It’s all about the midterms IMO.

As for MSM squashing the story: i believe that is because keeping BLM in the spotlight continues to drive division, thus creating fear/instability, which means people feel more comfortable by knowing what’s going on in the world by watching the news. Its the typical positive feedback loop of fear mongering, as usual.
MSM and Lefty politicians are in bed with each other when it suits them to be, but will quietly diverge when it suits them to do so.

I don’t get this narrative that gets repeated by “the right”. Is Fox news not considered MSM? Fox news is overwhelmingly the most consumed source for news in this country… They brag about their popularity
(and trouncing left leaning networks) all the time.

It is considered MSM. I don’t watch Fox or even really pay attention to them at all. I should have been more specific in my post.

MSM and politicians are in bed with each other when it suits them to be.

You are correct that Fox is also in bed with politicians, but they will diverge based on what their viewers demand. Lefty news networks tend to fear monger. Righty news networks tend to hate monger. Both sides have their vices.
I don’t denounce Fox frequently simply because their stories are rarely shared, despite their popularity. This being said, the left-leaning MSM outlets are far more diverse and prevalent than right-leaning outlets. I don’t like really any MSM sources, but if I had to choose one - it would be the Washington Examiner (yes, I know they are conservative, but they do actually put effort into some of their articles to stay unbiased). Everything else has so much political narrative-benefitting bias that I find it hard to trust.

Irony moment: I was looking for some sort of study/comparison/analysis of the MSM political bias composition, but everything I got was biased… lol.

Possible you don’t denounce them more frequently because you and your social circle share their ideology and agree with how/what they cover? Which might also be why you like the Washington examiner, a rag you admit is right leaning?

Left leaning outlets are more diverse and prevalent? Fox has more viewers than CNN and MSNBC combined. Sinclair broadcasting is the second largest TV station operator in the USA.

Media outlets ranked by popularity:

  1. Fox News, leans right
  2. CNN, leans left
  3. E.W Scripps (local TV), unvalued
  4. ABC, leans left
  5. NBC (not including MSNBC), leans left
  6. CBS, leans left
  7. Yahoo news, leans left
  8. MSNBC, leans left
  9. NPR, leans left (a little)
  10. USA Today, leans left
  11. Forbes, leans right (a little)
  12. PBS, leans left (a little)
  13. New York Post, leans right
  14. Bloomberg, leans left
  15. Advance Publications (owns The New Yorker, Vogue, Wired, Vanity Fair, GQ, etc.), leans left
  16. Vox, leans left
  17. Business Insider, center
  18. Investopedia, center
  19. New York Times, left
  20. Nexstar, unvalued

I could go on, but I don’t think it’s necessary. 3 of the top 20 most viewed news sources lean right, 13 of the top 30 lean left, and the remaining 4 are either unvalued or center-view.

Between Fox, Forbes, and The New York Post, their estimated total monthly outreach is 1.079 billion ‘people’.
Between the left leaning outlets, the total estimated monthly outreach is 2.392 billion ‘people’

I think my argument of left leaning news outlets being more diverse and prevalent stands on it’s own legs, but you’re welcome to dispute it.

Source: Index of US Mainstream Media Ownership | The Future of Media Project

I left a couple outlets out because there was no data available.

BLM was used to beat people into submission via the race card bullshit. Useful idiots


I don’t disagree. They were legitimized by politicians (like Kamala Harris) because it furthered their agenda. Now that supporting BLM’s ‘activities’ isn’t quite as favorable looking, it’s time for them to be dismantled as an organization but not a movement. This is why they’re being taken apart for ‘taxes’ and ‘fundraising scams’, so it can be pinned on one or two individuals rather than the whole movement.

In essence, ‘the system’ is yet again causing blacks to suffer. So it’s still genuinely on brand with de-whitifying the country. Everything is going according to plan for them.

Which begs the question: if 50% of America leans right, and most msm leans left, where are those right leaning Americans getting their news?

From the only major source they have, which is Fox. I don’t understand the point you’re trying to make

The numbers don’t add up. Unless you’re saying that about half of right leaning folks only consume left leaning media.

More than likely, per the numbers, half of right leaning folks consume non-MSM that is right leaning… And is almost certainly VERY right leaning.

MSM can be biased. But non-MSM tends to be off the fucking deep end.