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Bll Maher's New Rules


He says what I've been saying in a perfectly succint way. Bill Maher rules.


Wow, so you believe what he believes, huh...?

I am glad people like him exist to keep people like you distracted.

Stay out of our way, please.


He is doing a great job at listening to his savior Obama, he is really toning down the heated rhetoric.


OUR way?

haha. DOn't worry. I won't halt the inexorable move towards anarchy you have planned.



If you watched the show earlier on, he made fun of that.

Obama is far from his savior either. He's one of the few liberal commentators that goes after him frequently, even on things that I think he's wrong about. I think I actually like Obama way more than he does.


I won't deny that I lol'd at the video clip.


What's funny to me is you still don't understand that there is no "planning" for the natural order. It just happens so long as people don't interfere with other people. But even still you don't get it.

Bill Maher serves as a tool of the elite to keep the simpletons ignorant.

Frankly, as long as he keeps your kind docile you are no threat to us.

Like I said, just stay out of the way....


I watched the show, and he insists that the Right contributes more to rhetoric than the Left, yet he participates in it himself.

Why do you Lefties insist on being the party of hypocrisy?

What Maher doesn't get, is that this country is not as Left as he is, yet feels compelled to insult the country for it. What Obama knows (and what Maher misses) is that the people will not vote for such a Leftist agenda, which is what was seen last November.

So while Maher is butt sore because we are not living in 600 square foot homes, taking electric vehicles and public transportation to work, eating organically grown food sat and prayed on by Buddhist monks, Obama knows that he doesn't have the votes to pass such a bullshit agenda.

Something you should know about the Hollywood crowd here Irish, 99% of them are fake bullshit tree-hugging hypocritical liars, who use their fame to advance their film career. It's the people screaming for the green movement, yet who drive Hummers, Escalades, and Range Rovers.

Carry on worshiping a guy who's greatest claim to fame was from the movie D.C. Cab.



Bill Maher is a comedian. Take that as you will.


LOL, excellent.


That's always the dodge when he gets called on his crap. "He's just a comedian." A comedian who sticks his left wing nose into politics every chance he gets.


Bill Maher's not a comedian. Have you ever heard him say anything funny?


Out of all of the left wing idiots who take up the airwaves today there is not one, not even Keith Olbermann who is as detestable as Bill Maher. He is the biggest hate monger out there. That you claim to line up with him perfectly politically is no surprise to me. I've read your hate filled posts regarding Sarah Palin.

You and Maher should get together and have a Bible burning party - Think of how happy the two of you would be. The only problem Maher wouldn't even turn to spit on you if you were on fire. Those who think that the eltie left in Hollywood care about them and their daily struggles are complete fools.


I'm glad you wrote all that, it was phenomenally done, very eloquent, worthy of a pulitzer for exposing frauds.

Too bad it had shit to do with what was said in that clip.

I see comprehension is still sorely lacking in this forum...


OW! That part was pretty good dude.


Zeb, I couldn't agree more with you. Maher is the creepiest. He uses his stage to criticize what he thinks is wrong but then completely avoids any criticism himself because he can always just come back and say "I am a comedian; you're not supposed to take me seriously." His panel is always stuffed full of his like-minded friends and on occasion when he does have someone outside of his ideological court he usually talks over or ignores them completely. He is detestable.

The sad part is that many ignorant and lost souls do take what he says seriously and they will forever be lost because of it.


Then by all means you should stick to the combat forum where your pithy comments on how hard you hit the heavy bag dazzle most of the teens.


Fortunately, most of the "lost souls" are young and don't vote anyway. Some however do haunt message boards and pass themselves off as tough guys.


When you cannot attack the argument, attack the guy who's makin it.