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Blitz Fat Loss Advice?

Hi CT, so i am currently sitting at about 12 percent bodyfat , you know visible upper abs and some quad separation but still not fully lean so i was wondering whats your best advice for a quick sprint fat loss in about 3 weeks in terms of how much of a calorie deficit needed and optimal training split beside training twice a day because i sadly cant have that option, alson how much cardio i must add in.
PS: i am a mix between 2A and 2B and i can say i have a high work capacity in short time periods

This on a small deficit…

Get in tons of greens and make super clean food choices as Thib discusses in thread here…

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Thank so much coach

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No worries, let us know how it goes

1 week in now at arround 1200 calorie deficit per day , down 0.5 percent body fat (using 7 site body fat calipers) dont know if its low for this much of deficit or it is the last few pounds that are hard to remove

Don’t worry about “too fast” when you are doing a blitz. It will be next to impossible to cause some real problems (muscle loss or metabolic damage) in such a short time. Losing fat/weight “too fast” is only an issue when you are planning a long fat loss phase where losing too fast would hurt your chances to continue progressing over the long run (the body would adapt to the level of food intake/activity level and you would stop progressing, then you’d have to do crazy stuff to keep losing fat and that’s where bad things can happen).