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Blitz Cycles for Other Muscle Groups

Hi CT, love your articles and advice; I always learn something when reading your articles. I recently began blitz training for abs and getting great results through my 2nd “2 weeks on” training.
There seems to be differing views on ab training, where one group says train abs like any other body part and others say train them differently. Blitz training is working for me, so my question is, have you ever tried blitz training for any other body parts? Specifically calves or arms.

My goals lean more toward hypertrophy, but I always try to keep my strength moving up. My training is based on the big 4 complex lifts, doing each twice a week with heavy weight/low reps for one and mid weight/higher reps for the other. I rarely train arms because they respond so well to the complex work. I’m fairly tall, so I have to hit calves hard multiple times a week to get them to grow.

Thanks again for all the time you devote to the site and the forum.

Yes, I even wrote an article about how to do this with arms. I wouldn’t do it with big muscle groups as it would be too draining on the nervous system but with smaller muscle groups it can work.