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Blind Spot in Right Eye, How Potentially Serious?


I woke up this morning around 9 30am and had a small spot of blurry vision in my right eye. It get progressively larger over a half hour. I would cover my left eye then focus on a single point then move the end of a pen around trying to track it in my peripheral vision. In the lower right quadrant of my field of vision I would lose sight of the pen.

At the largest I would estimate the blind spot to be about 4"x4". Over the next hour it got progressively smaller. At this point, 11am, the blindspot is much smaller but it is still there. It is about <1"x1".

Yesterday I spent about 8 hours in front of my computer writing a paper. By the end of the night I had a mild headache, from the strain on my eyes. Usually I'll put on a pair of sunglasses to do with the glare but I didn't think to because the light in the room was good.

I will be going to a doctor either later this afternoon or tomorrow. I have a few final exams this week and need to complete a paper upon which my graduation depends on so I am pressed for free time. That is why I am posting this.

Does anyone have idea on how serious this could be? Any experiences? I did a google search and couldn't find anything definitive about retina or cornea problems.


Get it checked man, asap. Sounds like wet macular degeneration.

I have a blind spot in my left eye. I had to undergo a series of avastin injections in my eye to get the growth on my retina to subside. It's better than it was, but there is still a small blind spot there.


Like he said get it checked, but it doesn't sound anything serious. You might have just strained your eyes from spending that much time on the computer if you are not particularly use to it. I have had this before, it lasted for around 3 hours after I woke up. Notice anything different on the outside of your eyes? more redness or so?


My wife had that some years back, she went to the eye doctor, he put these drops in her eyes and did a lot of tests. He attributed it to a migraine headache which she did have at the time and stress. She hasn't had a bout of it since, but get it checked out.



No there is nothing physically different with my eyes. I do have a slight headache though.
My eyes are sensitive to bright sunlight. I'll get a minor headache if I don't have sunglasses on. I also have very good vision at night, oh well.

The spot is barely noticeable but I know how serious eye problems can be and am just worried its not a minor symptom of a bigger issue.

I have an appointment at 4 tomorrow.

Thanks for the advice. Bobsanders as well.


I'm hoping it's from stress. I've never been under more in my life than these past 2 weeks or so.

Should I skip my workout later? I'd rather not but if I still have a headache I may just chill out.


I would imagine it's the stress/headache.

Last year during a busy, stressful period at work I was feeling tired, overworked (staring at a screen all day), and I had a headache - when I got home I had something similar to what you describe but it was like a dark/fuzzy spot - I took a long relaxing bath, and got a loooong nights sleep and it went away the following day.


I get this from time to time and have all of my life. It is ALWAYS related to lack of sleep and fatigue. I got them more frequently when in school. Now I only get them when I miss a night's sleep for some reason. It scared the shit out of me as well when it first happened because you literally can not see until it is over.


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I work in front of a computer all day and have what's called "floaters" in both eyes. They look like specks, strands of hair, and blobs that swish around in the vitrious fluid of the eye. They don't go away but fade a bit in time. When I started out in my job, I soon started getting headaches, slightly blurry vision and very sensitive to sunlight. Then discovered these spots and some blurriness in my peripheral vision. Try googling "floaters, eyes" and read up. I'll try to post a link or two if I get the chance.


I agree with seeing a doctor especially if this is a new event.


This isn't a floater though. It is literally an area of vision that starts to look like..."sparkles" with a defined edge that starts out small and grows until it takes up nearly all vision in that one eye. It lasts from minutes to an hour and is often accompanied by a headache even if you just woke up.

Everyone has "floaters" and they can increase in number and size as you get older.


My bad X, i jumped the gun. What you just described almost sounds like a detached retina....


I can only speak for myself...but I have been checked out several times in my life at the Optometrist and there has never been an underlying issue. It also rarely occurs like it used to. To tell the truth, this thread is the first time in my life that I have heard of someone else experiencing the same.


The only thing I'm not surprised about is people having headaches and vision "issues" after long term computer use or even a 8hr or more marathon staring at a screen. I kid you not, after weeks of searching info on "floaters", I found that almost ALL vision problems have the author/OP stating they work in front of one of these damn things. It ain't natural to be doing so....

Sorry for the hijack.


Ive also experienced the sparkles, especially noticeable after doing a prolonged handstand or something. As for the blind spot, Ive experienced that as well... during a migraine. Since you mentioned light sensitivity and eye strain it could be just that... however it could be worse, just as bob experienced. Just as everyone else mentioned seeing your GP would be best, he/she will probably refer you to an ophthalmologist. Hope it all goes well!!


I get these from time to time, normally every 2-3 weeks but it has happened four times in a single week. They're called ophthalmic/ocular migraines, the cause is unknown. What is known is that without accompanying symptoms they are harmless. I suggest a trip to the doctors, but don't expect anything other than "come back if they become more frequent".

Google "silent migraine", "ocular migraine" etc for more info

For those of you that don't experience them, here's what we see during an "episode":

I normally get a less extreme version of this:


Good work.

Getting one of these episodes can sidetrack my whole day which is why I am glad they are infrequent lately. If I can't see, I can't work.

For mine, it has always indicated that I am either under too much stress or am in a "sleep debt".


Thank you for the responses everyone.

It is not a floater. I was on the phone with the doc I will be seeing tomorrow and she said it probably isn't a floater. That was actually the first thing she suggested but aftter I described the symptoms she said it was unlikely.

Thanks for the links Gen Grim. Regarding the pic X put up: My problem was not as intense as that and the area of blindness was not as crisply defined but it was similar.

Sleep hasn't been a problem but I have been running on overdrive lately so I probably need more than I usually need.

I'll give an update tomorrow evening.


The image is of an ocular migraine about 1/3 of the way into an episode. My first few experiences were similar to yours, blurry spot which grew without clear jagged edges, I probably didn't pay attention to the actual shape of the aura due to the fear that I was losing my sight - it's damn scary when you don't understand what it is.

If you get more in the future, you'll probably experience the more jagged edge types with bright rainbow fringes. It's a real pain in the arse if you're writing or driving.