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Blind Powerlifter, Form Question


Hi all.

Iâ??m just looking for some feedback from you more experienced guys (and ladies).

The DL in the video is around 75% of my 1RM. The Squat is warm up â?? around 60%.

Oh, and feel free to ignore the corniness of the vid. (It's the only recording I have).

Thanks in advance.


dude you are AMAZING!
Your form’s pretty good too. On deadlifts you back is slightly rounded but not that much.
Really focus on holding your air and bracing your core.
Good luck!


This is great, my son was born blind so it’s always nice to see things like this.


SO NOT CHEESY! This is fantastic, you’re a monster, in the best way possible.

Back was slighty rounded, but looked good to me!!!