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Blind Person Needs Help with Core

I have a friend who is 51 y/o and blind. He said he split one of the vertabrae in his lower back years ago. It was split horizontally instead of vertically.

He’s got a big belly and wants to know what kind of exercises he can do to help with lower back pains. He’s out of shape and was wondering about sit-ups vs. crunches. What kind of advice should I give him?

In my experience stay away from sit ups and crunches right away because you don’t know the mechanism behind what is causing the problem

Look up:

planks (Multiple variations)
Dead bugs
Bird Dogs (or prone opposite arm and leg lifts)

Mike Boyle and Eric Cressey have some good stuff when it comes to injury rehab and prevention. Read some of their article on here as well as some stuff on their websites.

Look up “core stability” (God I hate that phrase) and what muscles need to be worked to get it strong.

I always try to teach my clients to learn to stabilize their spine and to get strong with it before starting many exercises that include trunk flexion and extension.

The best thing you can do for his lower back pain is help him drop some of that weight off his belly. Follow AssOngrass’s advice, but also help him clean up his diet and be more physically active in general.